Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coolonial Estates

I have been trying to make more of an effort to get my ass out to the Estate Sales lately. While I love my shops, I really do, I am becoming enamored of the freewheeling gamble that is an estate sale. Sure the thrift store is also a crapshoot, but it is always there, constantly cyling merchandise. An estate sale, now that is one sale at one place in time, never to be replicated.
I used to find them depressing. Even though an Estate Sale my be run by a liquidation company, the relatives are usually still floating around the house so I find it important to not be disrespectful. I imagine that watching people grab at their families treasures is depressing as hell. Now I just enter the home with the respect due to the rememberance of someones home. How did these people live in this home? How did these objects make these people happy? Not only do I enjoy looking at the objects for sale, but I enjoy looking at the home's architecture and appreciating its decor.

Last weekend I made it to an amazing estate sale in North Haven.  These folks had done a fine job of decorating in 1976 and never looked back.  The house itself is from 1966 in the Colonial Modern Style in North Haven, CT

Click  here for the NY Times listing and shots of the interior.

My favorite room was the kitchen. Pine cabinets with strap hinges. Plate rail around the top of the cabinets. Vacuform brick and wood panelling.  Sadly, the Times listing has no picture of the TV room off the kitchen. Hardwood floors with blue rag rugs, wood panelling, and matching colonial modern wood furniture.
The sale ran Saturday-Monday, which was weird, but fine with me as I have Sunday and Monday off. I drove over there early Sunday afternoon. There was still quite a bit of furniture left and some house wares. Everything was half off  and there were a few pieces that one could negotiate on.

I left with this fine swag lamp for $8:

I love the chain-pull-handle thingy.

This is my favorite part of the shade.
Books Bound and Iron Horse

I left with a few other small items but those will have to wait to be revealed after the holidays. I hemmed and hawwed over a wooden tea cart and even went back to look at it on Monday. Ultimately, I decided that they were asking to much. I have been looking for something so I can get my bar ware out of the kitchen and into the living room. The cart would have worked fine, but my spidey-sense told me to wait.

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