Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let there be (Boudoir) Light!

After a year's worth of effort I have finally switched out all of the lamps in my bedroom. By this I mean I no longer have the boring utilitaian lamps I'd had since college. In their place are the vintage stunners that follow.

The fixture itself is a Hobnail Milk Glass wall sconce.  Purchased for $5 at an estate sale in Westport, CT. It was the last few hours of the sale, so it was half off. It came with a different shade, but I like this one from the clearance shelf at Target much better even if it's not of the vintage variety. Now I just need a matching one for the other side of the bed.

The shade from the sconce was re-purposed for this little table lamp. I bought this in Sacramento, CA at Denio's Market. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but I'm pretty sure it was in the single digits.  I love how it plays nice with the decor on the dresser.

And finally, I bought this white ceramic lamp at the WH Goodwill about 6 months ago for $1. (half off!) I thought it might need a new socket, but it really just needed a new on/off knob. Score! Last week I finally found a proper shade for it, this time it was the Foxon Goodwill that did me good for the low, low (half) price of $1.  I still need a finial to keep the cats from spinning the shade around and I think the jury is still out on whether the shade is a little too big. But for now, for $2 total? It'll do.

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