Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One (Big) Stash and a Chest From the Vault

Once upon a time, I found the Grail of yarn stashes at the Milford, CT Goodwill Super Store.  Someone had dumped 4 bins of yarn off and I managed to get to them before anyone else. I got a basket (so as not to go crazy) and filled it. I was very choosy. None of it was marked with any prices so I wasn't sure how much I would be spending. At the checkout, I asked the clerk how much they were. "$1 a ball." He said. "That's the answer I was looking for." says I. $28 later I had $400.00 worth of yarn give or take.
Goodwill Yarns

Included were: 
9 hanks of Plymouth Baby Alpaca chunky weight
12 hanks of Koigu Painters Palette Premium Merino fingering weight. Purples went to Mom, the rest to me.
5 balls of Tofutsies sock yarn
2 balls of Opal-Gifted to Dan.

I have never had a yarn score like this before or since. It may have been a once in a lifetime event. Have I knitted through it? Not even close, it's living in the (very full) Lane cedar chest with the rest of my stash.

This was purchased from the West Haven Goodwill during a half-off all furniture sale. The price?

Wait for it...

$20!!!  As near as I've determined from it's serial number it's from the 30's.
I think this had a former life as a repair project because one leg is very nicely sanded.

Someday, I hope to get it refinished.
And yes, the chest is a standard size, the cat sitting on top of it is just really big.
I kept trying to get him to move out of the picture but he was not having it.

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