Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Others (Trays, that is)

Shhh... no one tell them they are not special enough to live in the kitchen with the others.  OK, they are special, but they are not of the same ilk so they get other honored wall space in my home.

Florida here has a white background. Doesn't have the same punch as the black does it? I saw a lazy sue version of this once but neglected to buy it because of the white background, its lazy susanness, and it was way overpriced for Savers. This one happened along shortly after so it had to come home, because clearly things don't just keep crossing your path for no reason. 

This Oregon tray is amazing. But clearly not the same manufacturer as the others. It's also specifically for the centennial. Just so we're clear, I will take any Oregon tray any time, any place, any price!

This tray had some rust stains but they were easily removed with homemade rust remover and a magic sponge.

Another Denio's purchase. This is from Disneyland around the time of their 35th Anniversary. Spooner saw it on my wall and  got really excited. Her sister purchased one in a Magic Kingdom gift shop for their Grandparents during the Anniversary Festivities. Spoon immediately alerted her family to mine via picture text. They were not nearly as excited 


  1. did you get the white florida one in Sacramento??

  2. No, I think it was a Goodwill in CT.