Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roseanne Afghanadana

In my continuing obsession with other people's needlework I discovered this amazing granny square afghan at Savers for $5.99 and snatched it right up. Bonus: It's wool.

Whoever made it did an amazing job with their color choices.
Nearly every square is different. It really is the work of an artist.

My favorite part is the red scalloping along the edge. It really makes the whole thing pop and unifies it along with it's black "background".

It immediately reminded me of the granny square afghan on the back of Roseanne's couch. True story: that particular afghan was stolen off the set a couple times and eventually had to keep being remade and stitched to the couch. Version #3 now lives on the prop couch in the Smithsonian.

Mine lives on my bed. To the delight of the cats. Click on the photos to see a detailed close up of the cat hair.


  1. Sweet! Pam (@ Retrorenovation) turned me on to these. I recently bought my first. I love the colors in it and it's something that I can Really use! Took mine to New Orleans with me as my "Blankie". You know, as a little piece of home. Cyoot Kitter Kat! Ever check out ? Lot's of funny Kitters.

  2. I never find these, but I'd be tempted to pick one up if I encountered it! I love the color choices, the detail the maker put into selecting different colors for each square...and how it just looks so damn cozy.