Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stratford Antique Center

Last weekend I finally discovered a local antique mall. The Stratford Antique Center in Stratford, CT. I have been driving past this place for YEARS and had no idea it was there. In it's defense it is a very nondescript blue warehouse building.

I found it to be a very reasonable place to shop. The expensive things were expensive, the rest reasonable. Nothing super cheap, but I rarely go to these places to buy. I wander around like it's a museum. I look for things I have to compare prices. For instance, this aluminum Mirro cocktail shaker.

I purchased one of these from an antique store in Ferndale, CA about 12 years ago. I paid $18 for the shaker and jigger, no box. Here it is MIB for $14, but it appears to be missing another item. Was it a stirrer? A long handled bar strainer? Maybe someday I'll find out!

I found this ships wheel to be very reasonable for $29. Garth would have gotten this for Christmas had I not found this one months ago:

Photo courtesy of Garth's Facebook

$3.99 at Savers. And it's from the Nayaug Yacht Club
As usual, I saw many Cigar Store Indians. Some for sale, some not. These two are super cool and quite inexpensive, $52 each! I don't think they are going anywhere soon, so they may eventually come home with me. I'm still deciding.

This guy won't be coming home with me. I can't remember the exact price, it was somewhere in the $300 range. It's pretty damn fabulous. A two-tier fiberglass shade, and I love how the base lights up. It kind of reminds me of the Space Needle.

What I did end up buying, were two tea towels for $10 each to fuel my artistic fire.
You'll see what I mean by that soon enough.


  1. Sweet! I LOVE finding new places to treasure hunt / do research. That lamp is pretty cool but THREE BILLS! What Ev! I think you're right on about the bar set, the strainer is missing. Still a great set.

  2. Yes, research! That's what I'm doing, research!

  3. Indians, Ships wheels and Atomic lamps OH MY!!