Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome to (your)Grandma's house...

A few months ago a friend came over to my apartment. After looking around at all the vintage treasures I have strewn around the place she declared "It's like I'm at my Grandma's house!" I can't begin to tell you how good that made me feel. It describes my decorating aesthetic to a T.  Forget that I'm a 30something single gal. When you're in my house you are surrounded by nick knacks, souvenirs, all kinds of needle work, and two cats. Now I just need a bowl of Fiddle Faddle and some Werther's Originals.

This blog is dedicated to my Grandma, rest her soul. She actually never had a home of her own until she was in her 70's, but when she finally did she had wood paneled walls and an afghan on the couch, natch. It's also dedicated to my Mom, who taught me all her secrets about thrift store shopping. This blog is here so she can keep up with my thrifting treasures. (And so she knows which State trays I still need, more on that later.) It's also dedicated to Uncle Tim and Aunt Eva. I spent a great deal of time as a child in their mid century modern ranch in Newport, OR. Theirs was a fine substitute for a Grandparent's house.


  1. Hey, Hi! Thanks for taking a moment to check out my daily blogcast! And thanks also for listing me on your little corner here. It's much appreciated. And to be in the awesome company of Pam from Retro Renovation...well, it's just an honor. So get some pics up so we can see all yer cool stuff! Can't wait to see what Portland's Pre-owned looks like.

  2. Thanks Mr. Modtomic. I wish I were in Portland, OR! I live in Connecticut nowadays, where the thrifting is still good, but I long to be back in my hometown. I have an upcoming visit in Jan., so we will see what I find.
    Thanks for the comment and keep 'em coming!

  3. Happened upon your blog from another this morning - and I believe I have now read back through the entire thing! LOVE it!