Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wert Kitchen Towels (just for show, not for dishes)

One of my favorite thrift shops in the area is The Barn Sale in Hamden, CT. I refer to it as the Old Lady Thrift Store. It's a nonprofit run by volunteer retirees. They are all lovely but their hours are whackadoodle. The shop is closed Sunday and Monday (my days off, sigh) Tues-Sat they are open at 9 or 9:30 am until 2pm.  Obviously it's so the ladies can watch their CSI and get to bed. I'm rarely in that neck of the woods anyway, but when I am you can be sure it's never in the morning.
Once, when I actually made it in, I rooted through their linen room and found a wee stash of new tea towels silkscreened by Robert Darr Wert for $3 each. One of them has become an art project which I will post about later. The other two hang in my kitchen like so...

I debated framing them, but they are odd sizes so that would be expensive. I debated stretching them on a canvas frame, but that's also expensive and as you can see, the Spice towel was printed off grain. Fortunately I live 5 minutes from an Ikea. I bought 2 towel bars and some clip hangers and voila! Instant wall art that can go in the washing machine.

And yes, that is a giant tiki carved fork and spoon hanging next to them.  Another half off Goodwill purchase for $4.  Uncle Tim and Aunt Eva had a set just like them! (In their carpeted kitchen with the avocado appliances.)

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