Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vintage Spinster's Favorite Things Part II: Receiving

You saw what I gave, now what did I get?
A fine selection of ceramics. I'm using the celery dish as a spoon rest and the corn for my landing strip.

What is this thing? A bear? A puppy? It looks like it has cloven hooves.
Maybe it's Rosemary's baby. I love it but am kind of freaked out by it too.
Even scarier, there were two. Dan got the other one.

Tea towels! Some of these are vintage 70's Australia. Garth's parents lived there before he was born.

Dan got me a new Wert from ebay.  Early American Wrought Iron!

Kitchen prayer plate:

Old school Oregon license plate:

This shot glass set is turned and carved wood. I'm assuming it is from pre-revolution Cuba.

Garth gave me two of these glass storage dishes last year. This year, he gave me the whole set!

They are from a fabulous store in NY called Fishs Eddy.
They sell vintage repros and vintage style housewares. I use these dishes all the time.

Last month Mr. Modtomic posted about his vintage humidifier. I commented that I would need to keep an eye out for one as I have radiators and need one running all winter. Garth saw all this and hightailed it to his local thrift store where he had seen one a year ago. Fortunately it was still there and still in it's box! 

Original price $2.99!

It's still in really great condition. I plugged it in and could hear that it was getting electricity but the tube that steams the water wasn't getting hot. It was warm though, which gave me hope. Like Mr. Modtomic, I took it apart and gave the metal bars a thorough cleaning.  Eureka! It works! High-fiving a million angels!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Vintage Spinster's Favorite Things Part I: Giving

I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday weekend. Mine was cut short a few hours because of the giant East Coast snowstorm, but everything worked out well in the end.  Now that the storm has cleared, there is sun light and I can photograph my wonderful Christmas gifts. Today I am going to share some of the gifts I gave to the Vinyl Whores. Of course I gave them records, all well received and only one duplicate! I won't be posting those here, that's for them to share on their blog.

Dan has harbored some serious envy over my Roseanne Afghan. While I couldn't find one for him like mine, I did find this fabulous Ripple Afghan at Goodwill.
It's wool and very cozy. It did need some repairs and a good wash but it was well worth the work. It looks fabulous in their living room.

Remember this?
Dan previously owned a Penguin shaped cocktail shaker, but it didn't really look so great with their existing bar ware. Garth and I were discussing what Dan could get to replace it and decided that it needed to be like mine. So I said why don't I just go buy the one I found in Stratford? So I did. it looks so great with their gold circular glasses caddy and Georges Briard glasses.

I hemmed and hawed over giving these freaky gnome bookends I found at Savers to Garth. I don't know why. He loves them and they are the perfect thing for his extensive collection of  Lord of the Rings paperbacks.  Maybe I was stressed because they were so chipped but I fixed that with some markers.

Also for Garth: Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

It's a pipe planter!

Finally, the Vinyl Whores have a collection of southern kitsch. On their wall in their living room they have a couple pieces of Marcrest American Heritage Dinnerware. I actually found another dinner plate at the Coolonial Estate sale I went to last month.  I thought that was exciting! A few weeks ago at the Foxon Goodwill I thought I had found another plate. Then I looked closer, then I had to get a cart. I found an entire set! 12 dinner plates, 12 salad plates, 12 saucers.  All except one plate in great condition.  It was so exciting to be able to give this to them.

Check back tomorrow for Part II of my Favorite things post when you get to see what the Vinyl Whores gave to me!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Time is Here, Happiness and Cheer!

I normally don't put up too much in the way of Christmas decorations because A. I'm usually too busy to deal with it and B. I have two young cats who would like nothing better than to knock a tree to the floor and play with all the ornaments.

This year I got to live vicariously through our Costume Shop Holiday Party. It is an extravaganza of Christmas & Hanukkah decorations and more food than you could possibly handle. I was tasked with trimming the tree. Most of the ornaments have been craftily created by one of my co-workers but there are a few vintage treasures to be found.

Vintage Santa attached to the tree via pipe cleaner.

These coiled metal icicles had a vintage looking box but a price sticker from Marshall's.
Perhaps they are a repro? They are cool none the less.

My personal favorite. The foil ball. I have 4 of these. I remember picking them out at Meier & Frank in downtown Portland with my Grandmother when I was young. 
 Sadly mine have been attacked by the cats, I need to keep an eye out for replacements.

The finished tree!

Happy Holidays to all! I've got some big thrifting plans for my vacation so you will hear from me again before the year is out, but I'll be taking this weekend off. I can't wait for for my friends to see what I thrifted for them!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thrift Share Monday

First off is our first thrifted gift of the season!
I  was delighted to receive these vintage buttons and buckle from our intern at work. I was even more excited to see that they were from The English Building Market!

The buttons will be perfect for making a swifty. (A knitted swiffer cover)
And I'm sure the buckle will make it's way onto a knitted project at some point.
Next up, I found a couple of bar ware items from the Goodwill:
 This glass caddy didn't have a price. The gals at the register priced it at $1.50 for me. Score!

This guy was $4. It's a vintage shot dispenser.

A new knob for the sphere, a good cleaning, and some shot glasses it will be good as new.

I did have a look around the store to see if they had just gotten separated, but no luck.

And to add to the Pyrex collection, a spring blossom mug and 4 Corning Decor dinner ware plates

Anyone find anything good this weekend?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

English Building Market

It's time now to step into one of my favorite local antique shops, The English Building Market.  The EM is run by a lovely woman named Carol Orr. She and her husband own The English Building at 839 Chapel St. in New Haven, CT. Carol has the shop downstairs and her husband has his architect firm upstairs.  Design a home and furnish it all in one place!

Please forgive the photo quality. I was using my ipod, not my Olympus for this jaunt.

It's a perfect place to browse on a rainy day!

The shop is the whole first floor of the building.
I stop in about once a month and it is a totally different store every time.
Carol and her staff make the most artful arrangements.

Here is the bar ware section...

Love these colored glass cocktail shakers.

I love their unconventional use of  furniture for displaying items.
For instance, using a card catalog to display kitchen ware, and these lockers are holding some ceramics.

My favorite section-vintage fabric! And vintage clothes-my second favorite!

What are those lumps on this painting?

OMG. It's supposed to LIGHT UP!!!!

And what's this on the bottom of this pile of bedding?

Those tabs look like silk.

It's a quilt made of silk?

It's a crazy quilt made of TIES!!!!
It's $150.00. I think that it's a reasonable price, considering the age and the craftsmanship involved.
 It would look lovely hanging on my bedroom wall.  But I don't have the cash to spare at the moment.

However, I can afford some pieces of vintage fabric at $1.50-$2 each.