Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Time is Here, Happiness and Cheer!

I normally don't put up too much in the way of Christmas decorations because A. I'm usually too busy to deal with it and B. I have two young cats who would like nothing better than to knock a tree to the floor and play with all the ornaments.

This year I got to live vicariously through our Costume Shop Holiday Party. It is an extravaganza of Christmas & Hanukkah decorations and more food than you could possibly handle. I was tasked with trimming the tree. Most of the ornaments have been craftily created by one of my co-workers but there are a few vintage treasures to be found.

Vintage Santa attached to the tree via pipe cleaner.

These coiled metal icicles had a vintage looking box but a price sticker from Marshall's.
Perhaps they are a repro? They are cool none the less.

My personal favorite. The foil ball. I have 4 of these. I remember picking them out at Meier & Frank in downtown Portland with my Grandmother when I was young. 
 Sadly mine have been attacked by the cats, I need to keep an eye out for replacements.

The finished tree!

Happy Holidays to all! I've got some big thrifting plans for my vacation so you will hear from me again before the year is out, but I'll be taking this weekend off. I can't wait for for my friends to see what I thrifted for them!


  1. I really want some foil ball ornaments! Maybe I'll come across some in 2011 :)

  2. We talked about getting a mylar tree, in perhaps white, or pink. but opted for the 10 dollar tree at the thrift store. I have always admired your foil balls, and will double the efforts in your search. VIVA FOIL BALLS!

  3. I had forgotten all about those foil balls. We had lots of those when I was a kid. What a nice memory!

  4. Those foil balls were out on the tree every year as far as I could remember. Haven't been home for Christmas for a few years so not sure if Mum still has them. I'll tell her not to throw them away if she does.