Sunday, December 19, 2010

English Building Market

It's time now to step into one of my favorite local antique shops, The English Building Market.  The EM is run by a lovely woman named Carol Orr. She and her husband own The English Building at 839 Chapel St. in New Haven, CT. Carol has the shop downstairs and her husband has his architect firm upstairs.  Design a home and furnish it all in one place!

Please forgive the photo quality. I was using my ipod, not my Olympus for this jaunt.

It's a perfect place to browse on a rainy day!

The shop is the whole first floor of the building.
I stop in about once a month and it is a totally different store every time.
Carol and her staff make the most artful arrangements.

Here is the bar ware section...

Love these colored glass cocktail shakers.

I love their unconventional use of  furniture for displaying items.
For instance, using a card catalog to display kitchen ware, and these lockers are holding some ceramics.

My favorite section-vintage fabric! And vintage clothes-my second favorite!

What are those lumps on this painting?

OMG. It's supposed to LIGHT UP!!!!

And what's this on the bottom of this pile of bedding?

Those tabs look like silk.

It's a quilt made of silk?

It's a crazy quilt made of TIES!!!!
It's $150.00. I think that it's a reasonable price, considering the age and the craftsmanship involved.
 It would look lovely hanging on my bedroom wall.  But I don't have the cash to spare at the moment.

However, I can afford some pieces of vintage fabric at $1.50-$2 each.

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  1. You're right - it certainly DOES look like the perfect place to spend a rainy day! And to spend the pennies you save for them :)