Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For the Love of Pyrex

I love Pyrex! It's a love that stems from childhood and my mother's set of Spring Blossom Cinderella mixing bowls. In my adult life I've always used Pyrex mixing bowls and bakeware. I can't imagine my kitchen functioning with out it. Recently I've discoverd the online Pyrex community. Sites like Pyrex Love and the blog The Pyrex Collective have become go-to resources as I slooowly build my collection.  The Pyrex thrifting selection around these parts is pretty skimpy, but I've managed to find a few things here and there.

A few months ago I found a partial set of Primary Refrigerator Dishes at Savers. I think I paid $3-$5 for each piece. There was only one red  #501 so I picked up another for $5 at the Antique Trove in Roseville,  CA over the summer. They are all chipped and the set from Savers has dishwasher fading, but I love them anyway and then I don't feel guilty about using them all the time.

The one on the left is from Savers. As you can see, dishwasher fading!

But I do have a pristine Butterprint #502 which was a gift from my Mom for my birthday this year.
(I'm telling you, PDX thrift stores are where it's at!)

The Savers set has the older style lid with the clear center. (Right ) 
While the Butterprint has the newer lid with lines all the way across.

I keep looking and hoping for more. I love using them for food storage. There are modern sets with clear glass and plastic lids which I own and use regularly, but the old patterned sets are so cheerful.

It turns out the older Pyrex is also more durable as it was made from borosilicate. The Consumerist (one of my favorite blogs) posted recently about the rising issue of new Pyrex shattering when it's not handled properly. Good thing so many of us like the old stuff!


  1. I did not know that about the lids. Thanks for the info! I use my Pyrex too. The small dishes I use to store things in around the house. Q-Tips, garlic cloves, safety pins, stamps. Because really, they are quite tiny to store the lots of leftovers we always have :)

  2. I find small numbers of pyrex pieces, when I thrift around Columbus, but most have that "dishwasher fade" and look pretty bad. I will pick them up, though, if they have their lids- which is almost never.

  3. Oooh, I love Pyrex! The frosty turquoise one with the rooster is making me jealous. Nice post!

  4. Love Pyrex also. Have to resist purchasing every piece I find. I found your blog from 1950's Atomic Ranch House. Would love a follow back at my blog Channeling Ricky!