Tuesday, December 14, 2010

(Super Belated) Tuesday Tray Update

Well Possums, it has been a hell of a weekend! The most wonderful time of the year is also the most busy.  This weekend went as follows: work, Salv. Army, work, bar, sleep, English Markets, Goodwill, Christmas Party, illness, sleep, grocery shopping, sleep, A Streetcar Named Desire performance, headache, more sleep. 

Oh wait, what was that in the middle? Goodwill? Thought you weren't supposed to be going there, Miss? Oh well, who's gonna stop me? The cats?!  In all honesty on Saturday I got inspired how to finally make my Recycled Pendleton Quilt dream come true. I hit the SA on dinner break and the Foxon Goodwill Sunday afternoon. I did get a few pieces of vintage Pendleton for the project, and I got this:

That's right! Connecticut/ Rhode Island for $2 in the original package with...
(say it like Oprah) COOOOASTERRRRS!!!!! 

YOU get a coaster!

And YOU get a coaster!

And YOU get a coaster!

Wait! What's this gold one?
YOU get a set of four coasters from ALABAAAAMA!!!!

Oh, it's just too much, I have to lie down.


  1. I read your posts out of order, and this one answers my eBay question. That makes your collection even more interesting. I can see how trays and coasters from your home state...and even from surrounding states...end up in thrift stores near you, but it's fascinating that you've found them from far-away states. I can see someone going on vacation to California and bringing a souvenir back to Connecticut...but Alabama? :) (No offense Alabamans. My grandfather was born there.)

  2. Dana, thanks for all of your comments. It is really exciting to hunt for these trays. You never know what state you might find and where it might be in any given thrift store. And I rarely pay more than $3 for them.
    I am trying to track down the history of manufacturing these trays, which is proving tough but not impossible. Hopefully I'll have a post up about that by the end of the month.