Monday, December 6, 2010

Thrift Share Monday

In which we discover what Vintage Spinster found over the weekend at a couple of Estate Sales....
(Apologies for the lighting in some of the photos. The sun in Connecticut was not cooperating today.)

Estate Sale #1: Seemed dubious as the ad said they would go until 2pm and the sign outside the house said 1pm. The ladies were still going when I arrived at 1:15, but it quickly became clear that one of them was still living in the house making it confusing as to what was for sale and what wasn't. Those ladies were really trying to sell me on their friend's old slips and practical footwear. No thanks! But I will I take these two vintage thermoses and a rectangular mirrored tray with gold edging for $4.

You'll see the tray on my next tray update. Promise!

Estate Sale #2 was located on the beachfront in Milford.  It was in a house that was at least 100 years old that had been converted from a hotel/rooming house.  So first off the architecture of the house was fascinating. It just kept rambling up twisty staircases and down narrow hallways.  Then, at this point in the day it was $5 a bag and you fill it with whatever you can. Score! I filled my bag with some records for Miss Vodka and her partner Big D.

I also stuffed in these Syroco Birdies

And these metal butterflies...

And this couldn't go in the bag but they included it in the $5.

Is it an artichoke? Is it a pine cone? No idea, but it sure is cool!

It's ceramic, with a wood stem and seems to be in working order.  No shade but I'm sure I'll find one that works. I thought I had a shade from the Goodwill today but it turned out to be too big. Good thing it was only $1!


  1. Score on that lamp! Love it! The shape and the color! Fun finds!! My first visit to your blog from Apron Girl!

  2. Love those metal butterflies! What a gem..

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Thrift Share Monday, and enjoyed reading through the archives. I love your barware and your bar and your wall quilt. I too love looking at the architecture and furnishings of older homes vie estate sales; it sounds like you have some nice ones in your area. I'll be back.

  4. Score! Beautiful vintage finds! Worth the struggle and the hunt :) Love your thrifty single-lady blog (I'm one of the rare, bold, single-thrifter-bloggers too!) I'm a new follower.

  5. Oh, wow. That lamp is killer. I'm a new follower!

  6. Thank you for finding my blog & commenting! I stumbled upon yours a few weeks ago and never got to bookmark it. I wanted to for the collection of state trays that you have because that's a very impressive collection! :)

  7. The orange Thermos is the one Dan found a couple weeks ago!

  8. Thanks for all the great comments everyone! And welcome to all my new followers!