Monday, December 20, 2010

Thrift Share Monday

First off is our first thrifted gift of the season!
I  was delighted to receive these vintage buttons and buckle from our intern at work. I was even more excited to see that they were from The English Building Market!

The buttons will be perfect for making a swifty. (A knitted swiffer cover)
And I'm sure the buckle will make it's way onto a knitted project at some point.
Next up, I found a couple of bar ware items from the Goodwill:
 This glass caddy didn't have a price. The gals at the register priced it at $1.50 for me. Score!

This guy was $4. It's a vintage shot dispenser.

A new knob for the sphere, a good cleaning, and some shot glasses it will be good as new.

I did have a look around the store to see if they had just gotten separated, but no luck.

And to add to the Pyrex collection, a spring blossom mug and 4 Corning Decor dinner ware plates

Anyone find anything good this weekend?


  1. Love the barware! Those are great finds, and that belt buckle is to die for.

  2. Yep! Some new candle holders that I found in a charity shop! Not vintage in the slightest - but nice and festive, which is just what I needed :) Nice shot dispenser!

  3. Nice bar stuff! The shot dispenser would come in handy over at my house ;)

  4. I am so obsessed with that glass caddies in general...I have TWO now, and am always on the hunt for more. That way, if twelve plus people need drinks brought to them in style, I'll be prepared. They're just the coolest! :) You made quite the haul.

    This week I've found a 1950's souvenir Hollywood plate (lots of restaurants and attractions that no longer exist) and a yellow gingham man's button up for my man with the 60's K-mart tag and the collar cardboard still in. The Goodwills around here are a MADHOUSE right now, I guess because of the holidays? Still, definitely worth it.