Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vintage Spinster's Favorite Things Part II: Receiving

You saw what I gave, now what did I get?
A fine selection of ceramics. I'm using the celery dish as a spoon rest and the corn for my landing strip.

What is this thing? A bear? A puppy? It looks like it has cloven hooves.
Maybe it's Rosemary's baby. I love it but am kind of freaked out by it too.
Even scarier, there were two. Dan got the other one.

Tea towels! Some of these are vintage 70's Australia. Garth's parents lived there before he was born.

Dan got me a new Wert from ebay.  Early American Wrought Iron!

Kitchen prayer plate:

Old school Oregon license plate:

This shot glass set is turned and carved wood. I'm assuming it is from pre-revolution Cuba.

Garth gave me two of these glass storage dishes last year. This year, he gave me the whole set!

They are from a fabulous store in NY called Fishs Eddy.
They sell vintage repros and vintage style housewares. I use these dishes all the time.

Last month Mr. Modtomic posted about his vintage humidifier. I commented that I would need to keep an eye out for one as I have radiators and need one running all winter. Garth saw all this and hightailed it to his local thrift store where he had seen one a year ago. Fortunately it was still there and still in it's box! 

Original price $2.99!

It's still in really great condition. I plugged it in and could hear that it was getting electricity but the tube that steams the water wasn't getting hot. It was warm though, which gave me hope. Like Mr. Modtomic, I took it apart and gave the metal bars a thorough cleaning.  Eureka! It works! High-fiving a million angels!!!


  1. What treasures! I'm so envious! I love that humidifier and the vintage storage glasses! Both cool AND practical vintage bits :)

  2. That humidifier is amazing - and you've got it working! Jealous.

  3. Great gifts! I need to start looking for an old vaporizer too. I bet I spent half my childhood with one of those things running...with Vicks Salve in the water. It's a wonder I don't still smell like menthol...LOL