Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas II, The Legend Continues...

So now we have reached the final Christmas Post of 2010.
Mom got me two more fridgies in the Primary Color set.
Looks like I'll have to toss a few more cheap plastic containers. (Boo hoo.)

She also made wonderful scratch boards of my skitty kitties Tonks and Sirius.

She also gave me this vintage Bakers Chocolate recipe book.
It includes a recipe for Chocolate Angel Food Cake...
so she also bought me a Glasbake glass bundt pan.

We gave it a whirl and the cake came out really good though it was a bitch to get out of the dish.  The recipe was very specific about not greasing the pan. According to my co-worker Clarissa (who is a baking expert) I did nothing wrong and angel food cake is just a bitch to get out of the pan.  (Unless you get the metal kind with the bottom that pops off.). I'd never seen a glass bundt pan before, this one appears to be from the 40's according to it's patent number. A Google search turned up a new one at The Vermont Country Store. Of course they would have one, they are the purveyors of the practical and hard to find. I also see why people don't bake angel food cake every day of the week. All that sifting! But it was worth it!

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