Wednesday, January 12, 2011

King's Crown Christmas

Back in the day my Great Aunt Eva had quite the collection of Depression Glass. She was an usher at the Elsinore Theater in Salem, OR in the 30's, so she amassed quite a few of their promotional giveaways. This appreciation of glass continued into her married life and when she passed away my Great Uncle Tim gave some of it to my mother. We would always make use of her glass on Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of the patterns we enjoyed using the most was her set of Ruby Kings Crown originally from Indiana Glass, later from Tiara.  My father took most of the set with him in the divorce and it hasn't been seen since. All my mother had left was a set of 8 sherbet dishes.

This pattern is not difficult to find on eBay or at antique malls. However I don't generally find it to often at the thrifts. Fortunately, it is such sturdy stuff that it's usually in great condition when you do find it.   My Mother expressed an interest that she wanted to revive her collection and she has been picking up pieces here and there over the years. I got lucky over the past year and found quite a bit of it. I decided the pieces I found would make ideal Christmas gifts.

I found these Cobalt Blue cordials at the Deseret Industries shop in Sacramento.

This is a Gold Flashed Compote from Goodwill.

Then I managed to pick up 11 of the Ruby cordials at different places. Some are from the Coolonial Estate sale, three are from English Markets, one is from the Clinton Antique Center. I gave Mom the 6 best and kept the rest for my self.

While at the Clinton Antique Center I found a set of the Ruby Goblets that were insanely overpriced at $75.00. But wait, they were in a cabinet marked 75% off! So I got them for a really good price.The next day I found another set of 4 Ruby goblets at Savers. I kept those for myself. (I was with Garth & Dan, natch.)

I thought that this was plenty to be dragging back across the country. Then I went to freaking Savers. (That place will be the death of me, I swear.)  Once Mom had mentioned she had found a set of the green teacups, but no saucers. After some eBay digging it turns out the cups belong with plates as part of a snack set. Well, Savers had the plates, so of course I had to get them.  I had picked up a singleton cup a while back and it turns out she had 4 cups and I gave her 5 plates and 1 cup.

Hence, the 2 suitcases. This sh*t is heavy. Indiana Glass does not mess around.  All the glass ware alone weighed about 35lbs. I gave Mom some hiking socks and I used them to cleverly wrap  some of my glass gifts. I used bubble wrap for the rest.

Ironically, while we were out thrifting we found tons of Kings Crown. The only thing we ended up getting was another group of 5 snack sets in the amber color. Then we had an hors d'oeuvre party

Now, I'm betting I won't see any more of this stuff at the thrifts for months.


  1. I love the Kings Crown pattern. I have three of the ruby red wine glasses and need one more! I have a whole set of the blue I found at a yard sale. I have one of the amber plates but no cup. So I hope I can find more of this pattern! I love the plates in green. Maybe I will find more one day.

  2. Elizabeth, thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your glass quest. Everything is beautiful! I also love the warm socks wrapping paper. Beautiful!

  3. Just a thought, too. We're doing "How to Succeed..." at school and are at a loss for 60's costumes. Do you have any idea where the Costume Bazaar stock went, or do you have another source for this era that I can rent or afford?

  4. All I've heard is that someone took over the rental side of Costume Bazaar. I have no idea who, just that they are fellow theater people and plan on doing rentals for theaters and schools only. (Yay!) The website is still up and running, try calling them and see what happens. Other than the Yale stock, you might try the Hartt School, they do a lot of musicals. Good luck!

  5. I actually called them yesterday and there is a message saying that the business will be up and running in 7-10 days (don't know when the message was made) and to leave a message. So, I did. So glad to hear that someone in the theatre world took over the merchandise. I seriously don't know what I would do without those costumes.

  6. King's Crown? So that's what that pattern is called!

    I have almost a full set of the amber which I'd collected from thrift stores in the late 80's and early 90's. They bring back such nostalgic memories, as my grandparents had a set which we used every time we visited them in California.

    I have avocado green Soreno and Indian Summer Corelle dishes which I plan on pairing with the King's Crown when I move into my new home.