Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kitchen Redeux

The kitchen cupboards have been in need of rearranging for quite some time. I realized I have not been displaying my Pyrex collection, or any of my vintage kitchen goodies, to it's maximum potential.  And it was past time to clear out some old items I don't really need or use anymore. 

Here is the kitchen before: It's kind of cluttery and for all the fabulous items I own, they are kind of crammed into cabinets and drawers. One of the big selling points of this apartment for me were these glass front cabinets and the shelving over the sink.

Some of the stuff to go to Goodwill later toady.

And after! (Sorry it's kind of dark, I had to be at work early this morning!) 

I cleared out half my glasses, dishes, and bowls. I was able to consolidate all of those items onto the bottom shelf. That leaves display/little used items on the top shelf and  the middle two shelves for storage and cookware I use all the time. So much pretty Pyrex!

I had hoped to get more of these Rationell Variera shelves from Ikea yesterday.

I can fit one more small one on the bottom shelf and the large ones would fit the entire depth of the cabinets effectively doubling my shelf space. This would be great for the Pyrex since stacking it increases the chance of breakage. However, Ikea is out of those shelves, so it will have to wait.  It's OK, I consoled myself with a frozen yogurt.

I transferred all the coffee mugs and coffee making paraphernalia to a shelf above the sink. I also moved my Pyrex measuring cup collection to the shelf  with my canisters. Now they are displayed and easy to access. I had them all stacked up before and was so afraid they would chip or break.

Yes, that is a post-it to remind me to wear gloves when I do the dishes. (My hands got wrecked last spring during a show from so much hand washing, my nails are only just recovering.)


  1. Looks great! I love the open shelving and the brightness of your kitchen.

  2. Great improvement, you're so lucky to have all that open shelving!!! Where's your Goodwill, I want to buy your stuff ;-)

  3. Love the open shelves and your display!

  4. Thanks ladies, I am lucky to have a south facing apartment with great light and nice architectural details.

    @ Thrifted Treasure, New Haven, CT might be kind of a hike for you, just sayin'. :)

  5. I love open storage (love your kitchen, too. it looks very comfortable!), but I'm not sure I'd keep it from getting too cluttered. Yours looks great!

  6. Oh nice! Love your kitchen!

    Ahhhh I have not had time to put away Christmas yet! I have a big plan to move a bed out of one room, into another, removing current bed out of that room, moving shelves into first, now bed-less bedroom from master bedroom, then mid-century table and end tables into master bedroom...

    But it's... so... much... work... and I have... no... time... lol

  7. Oh! Oh! Oh! I sooooo want those polka-dot dishes. Hmmmm....it's a long way to Toronto Canada from you, right? Just kidding. Love your posts.

  8. Yeah this is amazing i love to know about kitchens and other interiors.