Sunday, January 16, 2011

My name is Monogirl and I have Pyrexia.

It's a terrible disease. It is characterized by falling head over heels for a pattern, and then obsessively collecting every piece. I'm working on Spring Blossom. We had a set of the Cinderella bowls  in this pattern when I was a kid and I have very fond memories of using them for baking with my Grandmother and Mom.

Last January I was out thrifting with my boys the Vinyl Whores and found the butter dish at Goodwill.

Then later that day we found the Cinderella Bowls at Savers. I'm missing the #442 1.5 qt. I'm keeping an eye out at the thrifts but I suspect I'll need to pick this up on eBay or an antique mall.

There was also a regular nesting mixing bowl.
It's not in the best shape so I keep it at work as a fruit/snack bowl.

Same day I also found a Verde solid color 1.5 casserole dish. No lid.
All this green crossing my path in one day? It's fate, no?

Of course as these things go, when it rains it pours...and then there's a drought.
But mid December I found a diagonal handle coffee mug, so maybe there is more coming my way?

Oh indeed there is! It must be Garth and Dan.
Like Voltron, the three of us combine to a mighty thrifting machine!!!
Over the course of three days we found the Carafe at Salvation Army

2 Tea Cups at Goodwill...

A Casserole at Savers

In addition to those goodies, I found a Verde Square Flowers mixing bowl at Goodwill...

and a storage container with a Verde lid.

You can see why Spring Blossom's unofficial name is Crazy Daisy!

And the madness continues...
My recent trip to Oregon yielded a Spring Blossom covered divided  dish with the lid!

And a Square Flowers covered divided dish with a lid, though I don't think they belong together.

Thank goodness Ikea finally came through and put more of those shelves in stock.


  1. Gosh your collection of Spring Blossom is amazing. I too love this pattern but only have found a few pieces in the thrifts. I'm still looking!

  2. I hear there's absolutely no cure for pyrexia...but of all the diseases I know about, it's one of the most fun to have. :)

    Great pieces!

  3. Ha ha - pyrexia - ha ha ha. That really made me laugh. You sure do have a lot of it!