Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oregon Goodwills, Here I Come...

I'm off to Oregon for a brief weekend of visiting with my Mom.  Of course we will be thrifting and checking out some antique shops. Though the suitcases do limit what I can buy.  I'll try to stick to trays and Spring Blossom, but the stores there are so goooood, it's hard. I also need to swing by the Pendleton Mill Store for crafting supplies. And then there is the Knittin' Kitten, a thrift store for craft items! It's too much!  (I need to move back.)

I do have a couple posts planned for my time away. My Mom and I decided to wait until our visit to exchange Christmas gifts so I will of course need to share what I gave and what I get. I am now faced with the fact that I need to take two suitcases out there because of the weight of her gifts. (Trust me, you'll see)  I had been checking out a vintage 50's Samsonite at the Goodwill Outlet last weekend. I checked back yesterday and lo and behold, it was still there! And they were still having a .99 luggage sale!


  1. Oh I love thrifting in Oregon. When we used to make our yearly trip from WA to CA, I would stop at as many thrift stores as possible. Enjoy your trip. And thanks for the tip about the fondue pot.

  2. So jealous! GREAT thrift stores up there! Have fun.