Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Oregon Kitchmas

I thrifted many Christmas items during my stay in Oregon, it being January and all.
I got this stash of ornaments at an Estate sale for $1:

 Then I had some really amazing luck at the Goodwill by the pound in Vancouver:

These are fabulous ornaments crafted from clothes pins and felt.
 I wish I could have found the third wise man.

I really love these handmade embroidered ornaments.

I also love these 50's/60's vintage guys from Japan.

Check out these kitschy Hurricane Bubble Lamps!
I found the one on the left at the Goodwill by the pound. It still had a Bubble Light, but the stem was broken.
I found the intact one at an Old Town Antiques for $10. I thought, why not have a pair?
I just need another Bubble Light and the hurricane glass, which should be easy enough.


I also got my hands on these two foil ball ornaments for $1 in the same booth as the lamp.
I've been wanting some of these to replace some old ones. Mission accomplished!

And the icing on the (Christmas) cake is this macrame reindeer.
I paid the low, low price of $1 at the Estate Sale.

It looks like I'm going to have to make more of an effort to put out some Christmas decorations next year. I'm thinking part of my reluctance to decorate was because I didn't own  any decorations that I was really  excited about. I have a few things from childhood, but not very much. Now I'm finally at the age that I'm building my own Christmas decorating traditions. Hopefully, when next December rolls around I'll be able to find the time to decorate!


  1. This is the best time of year to be looking for Christmas things as well as Easter.

  2. Super finds. The reindeer is so fun! I have one of those hurricane lamps but mine has a bulb in it that looks like a flame, which was original as I bought it new in 1984 at Wal-Mart. They must have made different versions!

  3. Great finds. I especially love the Two Wise Men and their impostor friend. That could become a Christmas classic.

  4. Beautiful stuff! I could just eat up the first picture. Haha!

  5. @Hunting Tigress: Good to know. Or maybe they originally came with flame lamps and someone thought "Hey, bubble lamps. Why not?" I bet the bulb base is the same.

    @Dana: I think you're right. Two wise men and a toy soldier walk into a bar...