Monday, January 17, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Special Oregon Edition Number 2

More goodies from my trip to Oregon! First stop the Knittin' Kitten, a fabulous thrift store dedicated solely to fabric and craft items. I picked up some wool plaid remnants to add to the quilt I've been working on. The total for these was under $10.

I saw this at the Hazel Dell Goodwill in WA. I thought "Damn, that's the saddest macrame owl I have ever seen!"

Then I picked it up and turned it around. So much better! He just has an unfinished tail. For $3 he got to come home and will get finished so he can chill with my other macrame owls.

I found one of these "Made In Belgium" apothecary jars for $1.50 at  the Milwaukie Value Village. Then I found the other two at the Wilsonville Goodwill a few hours later. They were marked $2.99 each, but the clerk rang them up for me as a set.  Mom had two or three of these in clear amber when I was a kid.

I found this Interesting Fire King relish dish at a Vancouver Goodwill for $4.  At the time I felt like that was slightly overpriced for a Goodwill, but I liked it so much I decided to buy it. Good thing, I saw one at an antique mall later for $12 each.

I found this little guy at the Milwaukie Goodwill for $3. He was just too cute, this green Lucky Cat.

He get's to live with Pink Kitty. I found her at a Goodwill in CT.  She's so fancy with her spaghetti trim and gold bow tie. They were MFEO. Made for each other.

I snagged a white Fiesta mug for $1. This is what bugs me about Goodwill pricing. $4 for the FireKing Dish and only $1 for a piece of Fiestaware? Whatevs.

I picked up these vintage swizzle sticks at The Old Town Antique Market in Vancouver, WA for $4. I remember having a bunch of these around when I was a little kid. That is until I decided to chew on them. No idea why other than I have a touch of OCD that likes to manifest itself in odd ways. I can safely say I have no desire to gnaw on these. I especially love the palm tree from the Hawaiian Hilton.

As promised. I have more pictures of the quilt. Henceforth known as the White Nine Patch.  Though as you can see the nine patch blocks contain even smaller nine patch blocks of the feed sack prints. The more I look at it, the more intense it gets. 

Because even though there are large white blocks in between the nine patch blocks, those "plain" blocks have an amazing amount of intricate quilting. All. By. Hand.

More to come next week. I hit a couple estate sales in Lake Oswego/Tigard and got quite a bit of kitschy Christmas stuff. Plus there is still another quilt from the by-the-pound Goodwill. All I'm going to say is: 60's bed spreads. All of this is still in transit via the Post Office, but should be here sometime this week. Once again I'm linking up to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday.


  1. That quilt is a true treasure. In all my years of buying antiques I have never had the chance to buy a quilt with high detail stitching like this one has. I would find a quilt expert see if you can get some back history and such. There has got to be a forum you can post pics on? Let me tell you girl, that's your once in a lifetime quilt find right there!

  2. such sweet sweet finds! a fabric-only thrift is such an amazing idea, i wish i had something like that around here. my fabric hoarding knows no bounds. i have an orange fiestaware tom & jerry mug like that, it's great for tea :)

  3. Wonderful treasures you've found. I especially love the white dish :-)

  4. Hi, I love your blog! I am so glad you stopped by mine - that is what's nice about Thrift Share Monday - you get to meet new bloggers! Anyway, seriously great finds... I would probably die if I found a craft thrift type store around here. And those kitty cats? How adorable!

    Also, I am sending you an email about your inquiry on Etsy (Thanks so much! I'm so excited!)

  5. What a beautiful quilt! You found some wonderful things!

  6. Beautiful finds! I love your two kitties, especially the Japanese Maneki Neko! The owl is an unexpected treasure, too!