Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tray Update Thursday

Despite my initial feelings that I haven't been finding any trays, it turns out that I have acquired a few since my last tray update a month ago.

Most important are the original Nashco trays I bought online. (Stay tuned, later in the week I will post my theories on the history of the Sate Souvenir Tray.)

The Rhode Island Nascho was purchased for $6.99 from mintseven on eBay.

The Connecticut Nashco was purchased on Etsy for $10.95 total from blueparlandhearts.

 I found Mexico (!?) at the Foxon Goodwill for .99.
I hope the only other tray beyond the 50 states is Canada, or else I'm in serious trouble.

I picked up Walt Disney World at the same time for .99 as well. This is a hot ticket online. Not because it's a State Souvenir Tray, but because it's considered Disneyana. I'm lucky I got it so cheap and in such good condition!

And Utah from the Milwauke, OR Goodwill for 1.99

I only need, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado to complete the American West!


  1. i love your trays! are they all metal / tin or do you have any made out of pottery or ceramic materials? those are mostly the ones i find around here, although jersey shore trays are the most prevalent in my area. if you need a NJ one let me know i'll keep my eyes peeled! :)

  2. Wow you are moving right along in your collection. Love the Disneyland tray!

  3. I've had a bit of a tray thing lately but have been holding back because I've got nowhere to put them really.
    Do you have all yours on display?

  4. @stacey, they are all metal/tin. Do keep you eye out for NJ, that would be great!

    @MoonDoggie I have the perfect set up in my kitchen where there is an electical condiut about 15" (38cm) down from the ceiling that runs around the room. So I've been using plate hangers and puting them up there. All the flowers make the room very cheery, and they are one of the first things I see when I come into the apt. I have a few in other rooms around the apt too. (And yes they are in a sort of coast to coast order!)

  5. There's a terribly pricy tray for Colorado on ebay... buy it now at 9.99. I live in the state, and have never seen one. Betcha once you get the Colorado tray I'll see tons of 'em! Meanwhile, I'll keep my eyes peeled for you!

  6. i should of read your entry more thoroughly... i tend to get all "zomg pictures". i found that disney florida tray today at a local stop and left it behind. i should go back and get it, right? silly me!