Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weekend Update

Well Possums, this weekend has been a hell of a way to ring out 2010. The Vinyl Whores came up to Connecticut for a visit and we spent three days thrifting our little hearts out. I will post in more detail later, but for now here's a little teaser...

Salem Biscayne, Mexico (!?), plastic nativity, shiny brite ornaments, Spring Blossom casserole. 
All for $5.

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Oh yes, fabulous finds and only $5 for all that! Score!! Happy New Year!

  2. As someone who is experiencing thrift withdrawals, I'm completely jealous. It feels like weeks or months since I went thrifting. That pyrex bowl is fabulous.

  3. Selena-after my trip to Portland this week I'll be cutting waaaay back on the thrifting. I'm about to start a second job for the next three months. I'm sure I'll feel the way you do around March.
    Fortunately I bought enough this weekend to keep me in blog posts until then!