Thursday, January 27, 2011

The White Double Nine Patch and Other Textiles

As promised, a post devoted to the vintage quilt I recently found at a by the pound Goodwill in SE Portland ,Oregon. My guess is that it cost me about $1.50.

It is a double nine patch quilt. Meaning nine blocks...

Within nine blocks...

The double nine blocks are alternated with unpieced blocks of plain white fabric.

While the fabric on the block is plain, the stitch detail is not.
You can even see some of the pencil lines where the pattern was traced.

The quilt had two hand sized stains that looked like either tea or coffee. I say had because I spent some time this weekend getting the stains out. I used what I like to call the Magic Cream of Tartar Solution.  Then, I put the quilt in the washing machine in cool water. (Oh calm yourself, it's fine!) I let it soak in a bit of Woolite and a cup of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. Gently agitated it, and gave it a low spin. I hung it to dry overnight and then gave it a quick fluff in the dryer on no heat with a couple of dryer balls.
It came out beautifly! Only traces of the stains are left and the quilting has a nice loft to it.

I also picked up this quilt at the Vancouer by the pound Goodwill.
It appears to be made out of vintage 60's bedspreads or pre-quilted fabric,
and backed with a poly/cotton sheet.

This embroidered linen tablecloth was also lurking in the Portland Bins.
The embroidery is pretty amazing...


  1. That is a re-e-e-e-ally gorgeous Goodwill haul. The work on that tablecloth is particularly fine. Look at the little red and orange dots on the whatever-those-are-called sprigs! The neon-ish bedspread is super neat, too.

  2. Beyond envious of your haul! Esepcially the quilt and the BEA-UTIFUL embroidered table cloth. I LONG for something like this!

  3. The embroidered tablecloth is really beautiful. My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was very young, and I made dozens of cuptowels and pillowcases, and in the 80s I did lots of counted cross stitch. I really should get out my embroidery hoops again!

    I don't know if you saw my post about the quilt my mother and grandmother made during World War II of all the state flowers. If you didn't, you might like to take a look, since you love quilts and embroidery.