Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Winter Not-So-Wonderland

Just to keep the freinds and family updated, New England got hit by another whallop of a snowstorm. New Haven got another 12" and Yale never sleeps. I managed to stay downtown last night so I did not have to drive home in the blizzard and can easily walk to work today.  BIG thanks to my friend Denise for letting me crash with her.

Here are some pictures just so you can see how crazy it is...

That thing in the middle of the snow?  A parking meter.

The problem is not so much the 12" of new snow as the multitude of old snow that has yet to melt from the Christmas Blizzard.
The intersection of York and Chapel Streets.

The back porch of the theater...

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  1. it's like a giant mountain range here, 7 even 8 foot tall peaks from cars digging out.