Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eva Zeisel Cups?

The good people of Goodwill of Western Connecticut decided to move one of their Superstores to a better retail location at the beginning of the year. The location? On US 1 between the Whole Foods and the Trader Joes. The two grocery stores I frequent the most. Good for Goodwill, bad for me!

Last week I stopped in while out doing my grocery shopping and I saw these two tea cups :

I had just seen that particular mid-century shape while perusing some books on 20th Century Dinnerware I had checked out from the library. They were half off, so I bought them. I hunted around to see if I could find saucers. At the time I thought I had found their mates. Upon further reflection, I'm not so sure. The saucers I grabbed look to be the right color and glaze, they are marked on the bottom with a Johnson Brothers, England stamp. But the cups look like Eva Zeisel's Whiteware line for Hallcraft. While some internet research is dodgy, I feel like the folks at Replacements, Ltd. know their shit.

Photo from Replacements, Ltd.
Photoshopped a bit by yours truly.
I went back to that particular Goodwill at my earliest convenience (one week later) to inspect the dish wares further, no dice on the saucers. I am feeling confident that the cups are Eva Zeisel's Hallcraft.  I'm not sure if I should try to sell the cups on their own, or try to reunite them with a pair of saucers.  Oh and the price for the cups? 25. Cents. Each. So I can make a decent profit even if I sell the cups for less than I could ask for the set. What do you think, Nerds?

For those who don't know who Eva Zeisel is you may read a brief history of her life and work on Dana's blog; Mid2Mod. You may read a more in depth bio at The Eva Zeisel Forum.  She is pretty badass and is still designing and creating at 103 years old.  

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  1. Check out this picture of a Zeisel Tomorrow's Classic cup and saucer, taken at roughly the same angle as your photo: http://www.e-zeiselmostly.com/hallcraft_tomorrows_classic

    (Arrrrgh...I wish you could put shortened links in these comment boxes!) The cups definitely look legit, and the saucers are a similar shape.

    I found this about Johnson Brothers on the Replacements Limited site. http://www.replacements.com/mfghist/johnsonbros_hist.htm

    I think Michael Pratt and the collectors who contribute at modish.net know their stuff too.