Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For the Love of Pendleton

I have been wanting to make a quilt out of Pendleton wool for years. (I have a thing for Pendleton wool.) I started picking up old pieces of Pendleton clothing at the thrifts over the years, with the intention of taking them apart and re purposing the fabric. For the longest time I had no clue how I was going to go about making the quilt.  I lack the sewing patience for intricate patchwork.  Fortunately, one of my favorite knitting blogs Mason Dixon Knitting featured Mary Flanagan's Textured Felted Wool Bundles from Purl Soho. (The to-die-for NYC crafting mecca, click over and drool.)  Purl's crafting blog The Purl Bee then featured a project for turning these felted wool squares into a quillow. (A quilt/pillow hybrid.)
Genius! Felt the wool, cut squares, overlap the edges of the wool by 1/2", stitch. No need for backing, no need to finish the edges as the felted wool won't ravel. Instead of overdyed squares from Purl, I used  the plaid Pendleton clothes I've been collecting. During my recent trip to Portland I found a few more clothes to re purpose and picked up some remnants at the Pendleton Mill Store and the Knittin Kitten.

I felted and cut, felted and cut. Then I bought a rotary cutter.
That made life easier.

Thirty six 10" x 10" squares later I finally started piecing the quilt together.

I had the idea I could sew some of the labels from the clothes I cut up onto the quilt for embellishment.
Of course I had to go and make it more complicated than that.

Inspired by the Heart in Oregon stickers, I made these little Oregon appliques and stitched the Pendleton tags onto them.

The applique proceess was made much easier by my Pfaff Tiptronic machine at work. Such neat and fancy stitches!

I debated making a bias binding but decided to blanket stitch around the edge with yarn instead. I used a off-white worsted wieght 100% wool I purchased from the Pendleton Mill Store a few years ago.

The finished quilt! (Kitty approved, of course.) I love the way it turned out. It is cozy, without being too heavy and has a great vintage lodge vibe.  Perfect for snuggling with the kitties while watching TV.

The quilt is also perfect for covering the top of the ottoman which said kitties have destroyed.  They like lounging on wool so much they rarely destroy it. Maybe I should invest in wool covers for the furniture?

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  1. You are so talented! The quilt is beautifully done. I'm sure it will last for years since you felted the wool. What a cool project!

  2. That's a great repurpose! I have a bunch of Pendleton wool shirts. They are so warm on these COLD winter days. Unfortunately I buy thrift and some of them have moth holes. Not that I mind though. These aren't for gawkin at, they're for wearin'! But I wouldn't mind having a killer wool blanket made out of them either. Even just some throw pillows for the sofas. You should so submit this to Apartment Therapy (you'll get lots of traffic for a few days and pick up some regular readers!).

  3. Great idea. I have so many vintage Pendleton in my basement... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Looks great!!

  4. Mr. Modtomic you're a mind reader! I'm working on more to sell online. Everyone, give me some price points! What would you pay for a blanket or a pillow?

    Allit, it's an easy project and goes fast once you get the cutting out of the way. But if you want to sell me the Pendleton, I'll take it!

  5. Great idea for a gorgeous throw.I have lots of thrifted woollen skirt lengths, mostly Scottish wool, and I might just give this a try. I'm wondering how you felted the wool to stop fraying. Just washed on hot maybe?

  6. Barbara- Pendleton's Mill Store Blog has a great post on wool felting: