Saturday, February 19, 2011

President's Day Sales!

Fun at work with the Hipstamatic and fake money.
Screw Valentine's Day. President's Day is Monday the 22nd. What does that mean? Sales! I'm talking about the ones at Goodwill and Savers. 50% off baby! I'm taking the day off from work and I'm hitting the road to check out some new (to me) stores in Waterbury and Meriden, CT. Want to join me?

Well, you can because I will be Live Blogging the entire day with updates via my mobile telephone. You can find these updates on Blogger or Facebook. Just subscribe to the blog via email or the Followers function. Or "Like" Vintage Spinster on Facebook.

I can't promise it will be as crazy fun as Hyperbole and a Half's Live Drunk Blogging Event, but I will promise to try. I will be ingesting no alcohol, but lots of caffeine.

If you want to hit your own road here are the general sales that should be happening around the country:

Savers/ Value Village: Boot Kickin' Sale  50% off clothes, shoes, accessories, and items marked bed and bath.

Goodwill: Find your local Goodwill All the ones in my area are having a sale with half-off everything in the store except new merchandise. Your local Goodwill web page should have a calendar of events with sales posted on it.

Red, White, and Blue Thrift Store: Find your Local RWB. I'm not currently seeing anything on their site or their Facebook Page. According to a convo I had with a Rep on their Facebook Page: "Every store has 50% several departments, with several tags. Some may even run all departments with several tags.
Every manager decides in the morning what can be put on sale."

 I am making that my first stop! If you go, keep in mind they are CASH ONLY. 

And in the spirit of "One Item In, Another One Out" here is my "Out box." All of this will get dropped off at one of the store's Donation Centers. I'll spend some time tomorrow going through my closet and see what else I've got to donate.

So are you headed out for the President's Day sales? Do you know of any other sales I haven't mentioned here?  Let me know it the comments!


  1. We hit a bunch of thrift stores Wednesday and didn't see anything we had to have, but we're dying to make a trip out of state. The guy's been out pickin' for a couple of weeks and keeps extending his arrival date home. We're on pins and needles!!!

  2. inspirational post! i smell a lunch-break thrifting excursion tomorrow :)

    and nice job having an "out" box, that is so important to do! yet so hard... haha