Sunday, February 13, 2011

Store Spotlight: Happy Birthday Oregon!

As many of you know tomorrow is Valentines Day. Which I think is the most retarded of Holidays. I'm not just saying that because I'm single. It's because of Elementary School, and the tradition of exchanging Valentines. Even though I was forced (against my will) to make one for every single classmate, I usually received a paltry handful.  I'm over it, such is the life of the nerd.

However, since the rest of the world will not shut their damn  face holes about it. I retaliate with this:  Happy Birthday Oregon!!! The 33rd State inducted into the Union February 14th 1859! Happy 152nd. To celebrate we will explore one of my favorite stores only found in Oregon: The Pendleton Woolen Mill Store

The Pendleton Woolen Mill Store is located in SE Portland on Highway 99E near the Milwaukie town line.  Basically, it's a Pendleton fabric store. They sell  most of their decorator fabrics by the yard, plus they have sizable remnants. In addition to yardages they have scrap bins for $5/lb, this is where I picked up a few pieces to complete the Pendleton Quilt.  On my last visit I also purchased what they call woolly worms, which are the selvage edges of their blankets. These are only $.50 a pound, and I got 5lbs worth.

The plan is to braid them into a rug. I have this sample, which I want to felt just to see what happens.

There is also "fuzzy selvage" available for purchase for $5/lb, these are usually prebagged into rug projects with a pattern  to crochet your own selvage throw rug.  You could crochet the woolly worms too, but I think I'll get more bang for my buck with the braiding. The store is not limited to just sewing supplies. There is yarn, thread for weaving, and wool fleece for spinning or needle felting. Here is the 1.5lb spool of yarn I bought a couple years ago for $15:

In addition to all these crafting supplies there is the retail section which has blankets and other house wares. They usually have some well priced, one of a kind items too.

You can get a scope for the size of the place in this picture. It is in a warehouse. Way in the back, there is a gallery with blankets on display as well as other textile art.

I rarely visit Portland without stopping by here. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend it and if you like fabric stores the Mill End Store, which also carries Pendleton fabrics, is across the road. Though it is really tricky to get to, so be sure to get directions. 


  1. The wooly worms are amazing! I wouldn't mind having a bowlful of those sitting around just to look at.

  2. Oh, BTW...I've always thought Valentine's Day was a goofy holiday that was just made up to sell candy, flowers and jewelry. Don't get me wrong...I've received more than my fair share of Valentine gifts over the decades, and I never refused a single one...but the concept always seemed silly to me. My partner died just after Valentine's Day five years ago. His gift picking skills were pretty hit-and-miss, so instead of letting myself be sad, I usually spend February 14 laughingly recalling the real stinkers he chose for me. Good memories!

  3. Dana-Valentine's Day is really American Capitalism at it's finest.