Monday, February 28, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Long Island

Hey Nerds, I haven't been lurking around the blogosphere for the past weekend. I took some much needed time off, took the Subaru in for a fix, and then headed down to NYC to spend some quality time with the Vinyl Whores. This meant taking Garth and Dan to the grocery store to buy heavy things since they don't have a car. It also meant thrifting!

Our first stop was an out of control Estate Sale in Port Washington, NY at the former home of Judy N. Judy had kept everything from childhood onwards. Not in a hoarder kind of way, either. Look at the photos from the link, it's pretty tidy and clean, though the the selling company did some organizing. I tell you by the time we got there at 1pm the place was trashed. Many elbows in the ribs and grabby hands* later, I came away with these: three books, a dusty decanter that was chilling in the laundry room, a hankie that I found in the middle of the living room floor, and a stuffed toy I will explain later in the week.

*By grabby hands I mean those people who try to pull items out of your hand while you are holding them. Then when you call them on it, they mumble something about mistaking you for a table and sidle away.

We then headed on to Glen Head, NY to something described on Craigslist as a "Warehouse Tag Sale." We had no idea what we were in for. I scored big time with this mid-century mosaic amoeba coffee table for $40!!! Now I need to rearrange the living room.


I've been looking for a green glass juicer forever, this one was only $5. It needs a clean but that's nothing a Mr. Clean Eraser won't fix.

Dan found me a wonderful booklet of vintage sock patterns. I do love knitting socks.

Then we found out the owner operates the Warehouse Tag Sale once a month as a supplement to her antique shop up the road. So we jumped in Scooter Subaru and headed over to Glenwood Antiques. The place was nice with decent prices, though the Warehouse items were definitely more our style. However, this lamp had just stopped in that morning on consignment and it went home with me for a mere $25. Decent prices, indeed.

I love the shiny and matte contrast in the paint:

We made a brief, unexpected stop for the boys at the Mr. Cheapo CD & Record Exchange. They got some great deals on some Carol Burnett records and a Batman record that Garth has been searching for  forever. 

Our last stop for the night was a St.Vincent De Paul. We got there 20 minutes before it closed so there was only time for a quick trip through housewares. 

Oh look, more Georges Briard! $6? Yes, please.

Then it was back to the house for cocktails, Dan's wonderful cooking, and a Cash & Cari marathon. (I don't get HGTV so the boys were kind enough to keep them on their DVR until my visit.)

Since it's Monday, you know that means. I'm linking up to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday. Be sure to check out her post so you can see what other fabulous finds came home over the weekend. 


  1. Love that amoeba table. Also, your "grabby hands" definition painted quite the picture. I can't believe how rude people can be when it comes to secondhand goods! I saw something crazy at the thrift store a few weeks ago where a woman picked something off the shelf *nearby* where this other woman was standing. The woman standing claimed that because she was in front of the shelf, she had first dibs on everything on it and she wanted the item the other shopper had picked up. What kind of crazy rationale is that!?

  2. Oh, that table, lamp and that George Biard! Lucky you! People grabbing things out of your hands, really?? Did you deck them? You should get a pair of Halloween fangs or Bubba teeth and turn to them, with a wicked smile and I bet they will give you a wide berth.
    I love your stuff, your writing and you have a Subagoo too? Were we separated at birth?

  3. Well, it is hard to deck someone with an armload of smalls. But considering you never know how people around here will react to anything it sure is a stupid move to grab at something in someone's hand. I usually just hang on tight and say in a firm tone: "I am looking at/buying that, Thank you."

    suzieQ, it's possible as I have a fondness Chococat too.

  4. The table is fantastic- do you think it's homemade? The tiling is so cool.

  5. Cool thing about the Green Glass Juicer - If it's Vaseline Glass or Depression Glass it will "glow" or "floresce" under a blacklight because it is slightly radioactive!

    The biomorphic tiled table is a great find and I love the lamp. Great buys, both. I'm also a fan of some of the Georges Briard stuff. I have a bit of a collection myself.

  6. @catpercher-It's definitely not homemade. It is one *heavy* duty piece. The tile is set into the metal rim around the edge. Sadly it doesn't have a makers mark, just some crayon scribbles on the bottom.

    @Mr. Modtomic-I like some of Georges Briard, mostly the bar ware! Some of his stuff is too European for my personal taste. I need to get a black light, I am thinking of getting one of those flash lights that bouncers use to check ID.

  7. What a fantastic table, great score!

  8. OMG...I'm crazy for the table and lamp. You brought home some amazing things!

  9. Next time you come to the city give me a buzz. I want to come with you if I'm not working.

  10. No worries Jeanne, NJ is next on our list...

  11. Love your finds. The table is soooooo cool!

  12. If I had space in my small, small apartment, I'd so try to buy that table off of you...

  13. OMG. That coffee table is making me weak in the knees!