Monday, February 14, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

I headed out early this week, hitting the Goodwill on Friday instead of my usual Sunday trip.  I stopped in to see if I could find some more Pendleton to recycle. I had no luck, but I culdn't resist the pull of the housewares section. Good thing, too since I found a Grail item of mine:

Kings Crown Tuuuuumblerrrs! (Say it like Oprah.)

I have never seen these in person before, not even at an antique mall. So it was pretty exciting to find them at a Goodwill for $.99 ea. Two of them, no less. Sorry Mom, they are mine! All miiiine! They used to have the ruby flashing on them, but the color rubbed off long ago leaving only the tiniest traces of red.

I had some Pyrex luck too. A few Autumn Bands plates in turquoise and grey. $.49-.99 ea.

A stack of lids $.49-99 ea

I found these older Pyrex Liquid Measures. 1 cup and 2 cup respectively. I like the older ones, I like that thumb notch at the top of the handle. It allows you to get a good grip while pouring. The current molded handle models have a thumb divit, but it's not the same.

I also finally remembered to look for a hurricane glass for the Bubble Light Christmas Lamps.

As I was digging through the skirt rack for Pendletons I looked up to see a scarf bin right in front of my face. And who's name is poking out of the pile? That's right, Vera's!

And Oscar De La Renta, Givenchy, and Pierre Cardin. Hopefully these will find their way online to sell. (If I ever have the time!)

On my final pass through housewares, out of the corner of my eye I see the tell tale turquoise blue of a vintage GE Iron cord. 

It was sitting on the shelf right above the testing station so I plugged it in and was delighted to feel it radiating heat immediately. $4.99? Yes!  Here's my thing with irons. I understand that the domestic iron evolved to what it is (lightweight, mostly plastic) for both ergonomic and economic reasons. However, lighter and cheaper does not equal better. I use a heavy duty, metal industrial iron at work, where I iron quite a bit. It actually goes faster and delivers a better press if you use a heavier iron. Combine a heavy iron with  a metallic Teflon ironing board cover that reflects the heat and you are really cooking with gas. I currently own a Black and Decker Classic, which I recommend if you really need to buy a new one. Now I can replace it with the GE.

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  1. Wow, great finds, every single one! Love the turquoise banded Pyrex dish. And finding the old measuring cups is always great.

  2. WOW!! Nice score. My Mom still has her first iron. She stood in line for 2 hours to buy it in 1945. It is bells and whistles, just heavy and heat. She used to sprinkle our clothes, roll them up, put them in a plastic bag, wait for an hour and then start the ironing. Every item came out wrinkle free and crisp. They just don't make irons like that anymore :(

  3. I am always so floored by everyone's amazing Goodwill finds! The few GW in my area are nothing more than liquidation centers for target, walmart etc. The Pyrex is gorgeous enjoy them! :)

  4. Good finds, although I'm the last person who'd be checking out the irons. Mind you, maybe my valet (ie. husband) would be interested (I have him well trained). Great pyrex and scarves!

  5. Those are great finds! I ♥ our Goodwill here. The scarves though; wow! What an amazing amount for one visit.

  6. oh those vera scarves and that iron! gorgeous finds. and i love how you greet us with "hey nerds" up top :)