Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Tray Update

A couple weeks ago Hunting Tigress, who left the first comment on this blog, contacted me with a request for my address so she could send me this:

This is great. Not only because I didn't have Missouri, I also have so many Missouri readers who will be happy to see it in my collection. (We are, after all, connected by the Oregon Trail.) Thank you so much Robin!

You should all check out her blog Mod Lodge Vintage. Combining my two favorite decorating styles, Mid Century Modern and Hunting Lodge! Seriously,  If only I could get my living room to look like Timberline Lodge or the Ahwahnee I'd be happy. It's tough with a Pre-WWII New England apartment, but I try. 

Robin also has a sweet eBay store: Ritter's Vintage Finds. She's sells lots of State souvenir stuff. 

I had part of this blog already written about how I haven't had much luck finding any trays lately. That's because my friend and co-worker Polly Sonic got to them first.  Imagine my surprise when I came to work yesterday to find a shopping bag hanging on my office doorknob with these inside:




Vermont/ New Hampshire

White California

All were apparently at our local Goodwill. The check out girl declared that they must be part of a set. Polly said: "You have no idea." If you want to read more about the history of these trays, check out my post on the subject. I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl for her Collect Share today.

Maybe I'll find more trays this Holiday weekend. Monday is Presidents Day which is a far better February Holiday than Valentine's Day. Why? Because Goodwill and Savers are having 50% off sales! I will be posting a special Thrift Share Monday with real time updates via Blogger and Facebook. Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. Such nice and thoughtful gifts. I bet you were thrilled. How many states do you have now?

  2. What a nice thing for Hunting Tigress and your friend to do! I'd be ecstatic if I got that many pieces of a collection at one time.

  3. It was thrilling to have so many given to me at one time. I am now up to 23 states, almost half way!

  4. last time I was in Idaho I came across acouple of Califonia and Idaho trays. I coveted them but we just didn't have enough luggage space and I was out of pennies to bring them home with me (I live in England with my English hubby but visit my parents in Idaho every year). If I can still find one in April I'm totally bringing one back home with me.

  5. Wow; that is so cool, and what a thoughtful gift! I've got a set of the Florida coasters, but have never seen so many of the trays in one place. I'm off to check out your other post.

  6. Wicked gift, how cool to have so many newbies to stroke (or whatver one does with trays). I'd look out for you, but seems unlikely they'll rock up in South London. Have you got them all on display?

  7. hi Monogirl, Lakota mentioned on my blog that you might like this Disneyland Califoria tray I just posted here

    So glad to have found your great blog, and I am loving your President's Day live blogging!

  8. I did see your Disneyland California tray! I love it! I am a little behind on blog comments because of yesterday. Thanks for stopping in to say "Hi."

  9. Hi, I follow your blog reqularly and thought of you when I came across an Iowa black state tray.
    I grabbed it up for 50 cents. Id be happy to send it to you if you don't have it yet. Lisa

  10. Lisa-Sure! Shoot me an email at vtgspinster at gmail dot com and we will work out the details. I have some vintage linens in my stash, I'd love to work out a trade.