Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage California Pottery is a Girls Best Friend

For a costume designer, I don't wear a lot of jewelry. (In fact I'm sort of a Liz Lemon of costume design, though I will never wear Uggs or a fanny pack.) I have an assortment of earrings, a handful of rings, and a couple necklaces I dig out for special occasions. More importantly, I have cool vintage things to keep the jewelry in. I can at least admire these on my dresser, even if I can't remember to switch up my earrings.

My main receptacle is this California Pottery vintage ashtray. I paid $35 for it at the Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea. I felt it was a fair price for something I love everything about. The turquoise color! The holder! The raised gold work! The lid with the ceramic knob!

My earrings live in this vintage case. I got it for .99 at the Orange Goodwill. I generally stick to small, artsy earrings, (preferably by Jody Coyote.) so this case is perfect.

Coincidentally, so is the color. I love the abstract blue floral design of the outside...

...and the atomic star burst lining fabric on the inside.

I picked up a similar case on my last trip to Oregon. It's also blue, go figure. It was in the bottom of a bin at the Goodwill Outlet. By weight I would guess it cost me less than a dollar.

It's interior is not so exciting as the other one and it smells like old makeup. Which is not too bad, I can think of worse smells. I decided to keep my in here.

And did I mention all of these jewelry boxes match my fabulous blue and gold lamp?


  1. ohhh. Very pretty - and it all matches!

  2. effing GLAM! i love this stuff! especially how it all so beautifully goes together :)

  3. So pretty! I love the way it all looks together. California Pottery made so many gorgeous things.

  4. I love these! They look so great together. The California Pottery ashtray especially. What a find. Sky blue and gold... I must use this color scheme more often...

  5. Those are super snazzy. I love the California Pottery. All of your pieces look very elegant with your lamp.

  6. What great repurposing of the California pottery ashtray. It works perfectly for your jewelry. Love the lamp, too. It all looks so pretty together.

  7. Lovely! All that stuff would match the dressing room screen in my shop!

  8. Oh my.... I LOVE that ashtray. I want it! ;)