Sunday, March 6, 2011

The New Adventures of an Old Subaru

Well Nerds, it's time to tighten the old belt a bit around here. I had to get some work done on my trusty steed Scooter Subaru and it was pretty pricey. He had to have his rear bearings redone, which I knew needed doing and would be an expensive fix. 

"Do you haul a lot of stuff?" my mechanic asks. Do I? Understatement of the century. I mean, look at that hatch back and roof rack. This car was made for thrifting! (And for dragging costumes from theater to theater, but that is not nearly as fun.) 

The mechanic's pit bull Bree, sat on my foot while I waited for the estimate. All auto shops should invest in a comfort dog, it will make your customers far more agreeable.

After the bearings were repaired I drove to Queens and spent the weekend visiting and thrifting on Long Island. Of course now that the deafening roar of the crappy bearings was gone, I heard a new sound. A knocking while turning right, but only sometimes, coming from the front. Sweet.

I went back to the mechanic. Turns out the right CV axle boot was completely torn open and the left CV was the one making the racket. The quick version of this story is: I had both front axles replaced, it cost a lot of money. I always wonder why I have problems with my cars driveline system, and then I drive to NYC. Check out this video of the Van Wyck expresway on NY 1, and you'll see what I'm dealing with.

If I lived in a State that paved the roads properly (like Oregon) I wouldn't be having these issues.

At least the mechanic is only a two minute walk from a charity thrift shop.

So the goal for March is to make up the hit to my savings account by reselling. I've sold on eBay before and I am looking to try out Etsy as well. I've also got an opportunity to try some commission sales at The English Market.  I've got a plan, I've done some maths, now I've got to get cracking. I will still be participating in Thrift Share Mondays and Trade Me Up, but I may be posting and commenting a little less frequently in the next couple weeks. 


  1. "At least the mechanic is only a two minute walk from a charity thrift shop."

    Way to make lemonade from those lemons!

    "So the goal for March is to make up the hit to my savings account by reselling."

    The good news is that Spring is right around the corner and resale will pick up a lot. I've had a slow winter but I'm starting to see the "cycle" of slow = cold / yucky - good = sunny / warm. I tend to "stock up" over the winter.

    We almost bought a Subaru before buying the Focus Wagon (named Frank) but decided that all the extra drivetrain parts of the All Wheel Drive were just extra parts to wear out and replace. We just don't get bad enough weather here to justify AWD.

  2. I had looked into the Focus Wagon too, but I'm glad I have the Subaru AWD for the New England winters. Especially considering how often I have to drive to work in crappy weather. My repairs are still less over the year than a monthly car payment and I know I can drive Scooter for another 100,000 miles. Provided, I don't fall into a giant pot hole before then!

  3. I drive a 2002 Jeep that hasn't given me any trouble yet (knock on wood). I plan to drive it till the wheels fall off.