Friday, March 11, 2011


Romeo and Juliet wait
Due to the tragedy in Japan and subsequent Tsunami warnings, this weeks Trade Me Up is postponed until next Friday.

Due to my high volume of work this week I had nothing prepared for Trade Me Up anyway.

I will leave you with some fancy Hipstamatic shots of what I've been dealing with:

R&J Masquerade Party Wigs

R&J Masquerade Butterfly Wig
R&J Masquerade Party Wigs
Wigs and Costumes designed by Leon Dobkowski & Denise O'Brien


  1. What a wonderful blog. I'm going to link it to mine. I love the photo effect that you use. How do you do it? It reminds me of the pictures I took when I was a kid, using my grandmother's Brownie camera. I like the washed out effect. I'm always happy to discover people who are obsessed with the same things I am. I work with so many people who appear to have no interests at all, so I'm glad to discover blogs like yours.
    You should be good to go on the Pyrex Collective II. I have a feeling you'll be posting a lot of pics there.

  2. Thanks Erin! The photo effect is the Hipstamatic App on my iPod. It's got all kinds of cool effects, I believe it (or something similar) is also available on Android. Hopefully, I'll get a Pyrex Collective II post up this week.