Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Silvan & Sylvia

It's time to explain the stuffed cat toy from my Monday post. When I was young I preferred playing with stuffed animals over dolls. It just reinforces my lifetime cats, not children policy.

One of my favorite childhood "stuffies" was a little white cat named Sylvia manufactured by Dakin in the 1980's. I think they were supposed to be Dakin's attempt at the success of Hello Kitty. As you can see, they have a definite Japanese design aesthetic. I remember seeing Sylvia and her mate Silvan at the local gift shop and wanted them both sooooo bad. I really wanted the large pair which are about 10" tall. Alas, they were too rich for our blood but eventually I got a small Sylvia. I don't remember if she was a gift or if I saved up my allowance.  I do remember she went with me everywhere. The small Sylvia was about 4 inches tall so she fit in my hand perfectly and was easily stuffed into a purse or a bag.  Eventually stained, matted, and grey, she disappeared in one move or another. 

A couple years ago at the Goodwill in Norwalk, I was shopping for costumes and while I was standing in line I spotted a stubby white tail on a stuffed animal lying on an end cap.  I recognized it immediately as belonging to a Sylvia. A large Sylvia. I swiveled my head around to see if anyone was going to claim her and then snatched her up. $1 later, she was mine. Mine!

This past weekend, while poking around in a bedroom at an Estate Sale, I spied a black furry thing on top of a dresser. I stepped closer, spied another stubby tail...

SILVAN! I snatched him up so fast, and clung on for dear life. The Vinyl Whores gave me some raised eyebrows. I said: "I have a white one just like it, DON'T-JUDGE-ME!"

He may have cost $5, maybe more I don't really care. Sing it with me folks: Reunited and it feeeels so goood...


  1. What a cute pair of stuffies! That's so funny. I too have a thrift karma concerning stuffed toys. Mine were caterpillars. I'll be writing about them on the blog in the very near future. And obviously, no judgment from me. I nearly cried when my stuffed pal from the past returned!

  2. That's awesome! As Murdoch might say of this posting, "Don't ya just love when a plan comes together?!" What? Didn't you watch The A Team? Chrome plated machine guns...Pshhhh. Those guys were nuts.

  3. fab! I preferred stuffed animals to dolls as well.. i had some dolls.. that I may possibly have cut the hair off.. *ahem* but i either played witht he stuffed animals or dressed the real cats and dogs in doll clothes.

  4. Love it! I still have my Nonny doll from 60+ years ago.

    Reunited 'cause we understood there's one perfect fit and, sugar, this one is it...

    Take it from there, somebody.

  5. Thanks guys, as my Mom remarked, "Sometimes, things are worth waiting for."

    @Apryl: I learned early dressing up the cats was not the best idea. I still have the physical scars to prove it. I did have Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids. I guess I could handle playing with abstractions of people.

  6. My Silvan came wearng a Santa hat cocked over one ear.

  7. Jealous! I loved those two so much as a child, and I was only lucky enough to have 2 tiny versions that were wind-ups and could walk. Wish I knew where they are now!
    I've since moved to England and I don't think they sold them here as I've never run across them.

  8. I had the wind ups too. Can't find anything on eBay or the internet :(

  9. I'm MALE, 40 in 2013, and when I was 11, after going to Hallmark with my Dad, I was back there the very next day, and bought the small Silvan and Silvia! I love cats, and these are still my favorite plush cats to this day!