Monday, March 7, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

Sorry Nerds, there is not much to report this week. After the hit to the wallet from my recent car repairs, I am cutting back on the thrifting. However, the mechanic is only a stone's throw from the Sarah's Cupboard charity shop in Branford, CT so I had to check it out right? Oh look, Pyrex. Dirty Pyrex, but cheap at $3.

Six Balloons had some of these French canning jars up on her thrift share a couple weeks ago. I commented I had never seen one before. Well, now I've seen one and bought it for $.75.

The ladies behind the counter asked if I had ever been in before and when they found out I hadn't they gave me a $5 coupon for my next visit! So I guess I'll have to go back. Tricky ladies. I also scored a couple wool skirts to recycle from their free table.

In my attempt to clean out my storage area in the basement I took a couple old end tables and a couple boxes of junk to the Goodwill Donation Center on Friday afternoon before work.  Our New Haven Goodwills have a new Facebook Friday deal. On the first Friday of the month you check on their Facebook Page for the deal. This week it was a coupon for 50% off a furniture item.  Well, I had no luck with the furniture but the coupon is good until the end of March.

If you want to find out more about the Thrift's I mentioned today and their Facebook Pages check out the Vintage Spinster Facebook Page. You should check out your own local thrifts and see if they have their own Facebook Pages. Some of them are getting very savvy about posting sales and specials.


  1. Thrift store having FB pages? One can dream. ;) Lucky you that your locals do. Well, our Goodwill does, so I guess that's something! I love the French jar! I've never seen one, so I guess it's my turn now!

  2. Great finds! Thanks for mentioning my post. Funny thing is that I found a Pyrex Acorn Gold Divided Dish a while ago too, so we're picking up real similar goodies!

  3. Nice Pyrex score. I want a thrift store coupon, too.

  4. Sorry the car repairs have cut into your thrifting. Pyrex is so much more fun than axles!

  5. Oh wonderful fines! I realy like the pyrex dish!
    Lovely blog!