Friday, March 4, 2011

Trade Me Up: Week 1 *TRADED*

The always fabulous Selena over at Apron Thrift Girl has made a community proposition for the months of March and April. It's called Trade Me Up.  We post an item we want to trade "with the goal of trading for something better than what you began with."It is inspired by Selena's own bartering experiences and the story of Kyle MacDonald who went from a red paperclip to a house in 14 transactions. 

Generally we are supposed to exchange with out spending any currency. However, because this is an online barter system, money may be spent for postage or transport.  What is valuable to one person, is not necessarily valuable to another, so the possibilities are endless. Selena has encouraged us to dream big with our wish lists, like Kyle with his dream of trading a paperclip for a house.

Here is my item for trade: Promotional Pyrex!

From the Divided Dish Casserole Series #963 this 1.5qt dish was manufactured as a promotional item for Christmas 1959.  It has a black Compass design on the traditional white Pyrex background. I bought one of these at a local church sale, and then a couple weeks later found another one at Savers. So, I am happy to trade my spare. The dish is in excellent condition with no fading or "dishwashering" of it's design. No chips, no cracks. It doesn't have it's original lid or handle but it is in perfect condition.  Have question? Ask it in the comments. 

The Pyrex dish will be shipped Parcel Post within the US. I will ship internationally if you offer me something really good. (Sorry International Readers, I don't blame you. I blame the US Postal Service and the Dept. of Homeland Security for making life difficult.) If you live in the New Haven area we can arrange for a meet up to exchange goods.

So what am I looking for? I'd love a #442 1.5 qt bowl for my Spring Blossom set of Cinderella bowls. I wouldn't say no to a Pendleton blanket. (Or a Pendleton anything, really) I'd love any state trays I don't have. (Click on the State Tray Status page above.) I could really use a personal assistant for a week.  If I think big, I'd love a half share in a local CSA, or a years rent in an Antique Mall, or a job at Pendleton in Portland! Make me an offer! Contact me via the email address on the right.

If this Pyrex isn't for you, then jump on over to Apron Thrift Girl and see if there is anything else that might strike your fancy.


  1. So far I am seeing things offered of a lot more value than that original red paperclip.
    If Kyle got a house who knows how far this could take you.

    Think positive!

  2. Dang it - I thought I had this bowl for you but it is the newer Spring Blossom according to the Pyrex Love blog - I have bowls 401 and 402. I also have the gravy boat for this pattern. Let me know if any of those are in your trade wish list - although I don't see them mentioned. Happy trading!