Thursday, April 14, 2011

And Even More Cookbooks...

We're not done with my vintage cookbook collection just yet. 

We got this Sunseet Microwave Cook Book in the mid-80's when my parents purchsed their first Microwave. It got lost or donated at some point and it became one of my thrifting grail items. Wierd, right?  I have a microwave but rarely use it. So why would I want this cookbook?

 Because of the candy section. These recipes are an easy, quick and cheap way to bust out some Christmas gifts. I finally found the book last year at the Value Village in Vancouver, WA.

Like the book says all you need is a glass measure and something to stir with. Though Mom and I recommend one of the large 8 cup Pyrex measures if you've got one. (It's not vintage but damn, it's useful.) Armed with those, a ton of sugar and chocolate, all of these homemade candies can be yours to gift.

Want to be the hostess with the mostest? Consult the Good Housekeeping Party Book. It's chock full of information on how to host a good party and recipies for sucess.

 I love the kitschy illustrations.

Again with the Teens!  Yes breakfast parties are usually sponteneous. Usually beacause the party guests from the barbecue you had earlier are drunk, and it's 3am, and everyone decides they need eggs.

While the illustrations are charming the photographs are hideous and not appealing. I mean, that bean salad looks revolting. It looks like someone put dry peans in a bowl and stuck a piece of wilted cabbage on top.

And these Creepy Christmas Children.  Yikes!

 Here's a close up.

Remind you of someone else? I guess little girls with bad hair cuts need to be consoled somehow...

And for the thrifty hostess how to make your own Cake Wreck Wedding Cake.

It should be pointed out I don't use the vintage cook books very often. I mainly stick with Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything. Maybe once my CSA starts up again in June I will try some of the vintage recipes out a couple times a month and let you know how it goes via the blog. Perhaps I will start with the Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar.

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  1. You are speaking my language!! I LOVE vintage cookbooks!!