Friday, April 8, 2011

April ReSellers Challenge: Goals

Back in February, Selena over at Apron Thrift Girl created a ReSellers Challenge. She challenged all of her ReSelling readers to come up with some business goals and meet them by the end of the month. At the time I was kind of behind the pack and didn't participate other than to be in the cheering section. Fast forward to April and I feel like I can finally jump into the fray.  Fortunately, Selena found the whole challenge to be so successful and motivating, she's made it a monthly blog feature. Every month you create a goal, check in at ATG mid-month, summarize at the end of the month, repeat.  Because of ATG, a once solitary venture now has the support of "co-workers." Sign me up.

I got my toe in the water last month by dropping off some items to consign at The English Markets, and I feel really great about that. Now I need to branch out online. I have an established eBay account, I took some photos of items last month, it's just about getting some listings up. As much as I want to jump into Etsy full steam, I think I need to put any Etsy business off until next month. I really need to focus on organizing some sort of inventory system. I have all of the information, I just need to get it all in one location. (And you all think I'm sooo organized.)

Goals for April:
  • Finish Inventory. Get all info in one computer file and all items in one location in the apartment.
  • Get all the Legal crap sorted out. I do not want to get bit in the ass next April 15.
  • The English Market: Check in with Carol during the last week in April. Take in 10-15 more items to sell and check on progress of items from last month.
  • List 25 books on eBay
  • List 25 scarves, ties, or other accessories on eBay
  • List 10 clothing items on eBay
  • Finish the craft projects I intend to sell on Etsy.
I think completing this list by the end of the month is a challenge, but not impossible. I'm already in progress on every item, I just need to git-r-done, as they say. I'll be posting on my progress somewhere around the 15th-stay tuned!

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