Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Reselling Update

Here is where I am with Apron Thrift Girl's ReSellers Challenge for April:

  • I finished getting my Excel file together and have started entering inventory.
  • I've checked out the CT Licensing Info Center and waded through the legal mumbo jumbo. I now just need to fill out some forms and pay some fees. At least I now have a list of what those are. Big thanks to A La Modern's blog series on How to Start a Reselling Business for advice on where to begin.
  • I've photo shopped the photos I have of stuff to resell. By "Photo shopping" I mean adjusting the color balance and cropping here and there. I found a great tutorial on the web at Man Made via Thrift Core.
  • I've finished building the wool pillows I intend to sell on Etsy. They are similar to the Pendleton Quilt I made a few months ago.
Not bad. My productivity is infinitely better than it was two weeks ago. It's amazing what time and a little nice weather can do.

Here are some pillow photos to keep you engaged.

The Goals I have left are:
  • List 25 books on eBay
  • List 25 scarves, ties, or other accessories on eBay
  • List 10 clothing items on eBay
  • The English Market: Check in with Carol during the last week in April. Take in 10-15 more items to sell and check on progress of items from last month.
  • Finish the last set of craft projects for Etsy
The organizing is done, now it's time for listing action.  The current show I am in tech for will be up and running mid week and I will have real weekends again soon. It's also time to start limiting the trips to the thrifts. Gas prices are out of control again and I'm going to have to cut back to running errands once a week.


  1. Good job! Amazing what we can accomplish when motivation finally hits us! We talked about our brick and mortar store for months and actually pulled it together in about three weeks.