Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Cookbooks...

I have many more vintage cookbooks than the ones I showed you yesterday. I am always fascinated by the recipes and the graphics. I almost bought another copy of this first book when I was buying last weeks haul. But at the last minute I remembered: "Hey, I already have this, with a dust jacket." Of course it is the staple of every vintage loving single working girl's kitchen. "Cooking for One" This book is helpful for making smaller proportions of basic recipes but it does have some odd quirks.

Because all single girls love to have variations on Aspic for dinner. We don't eat Cherrio's out of the box with a side of marshmallow Peeps, no sir. We like a cold gelatin with protein.

The idea of soup with a sandwich or salad or some variation thereof is not news, but thanks for playing Elinor.

The Betty Crocker Cooky book is one of my personal favorites. It was the cornerstone of our baking when I was growing up. Somehow we ended up with two copies. I took this one and Mom has the hardback version.

For the life of us we cannot figure out the coffee/chocolate drop cookie recipe that my Grandmother used to bake. Mom and I have slowly realized over the years that my Grandmother made variations on printed recipes and kept those improvements in her head.

This was always one of my favorite pictures as a kid. Now I shudder at the thought of all that food coloring.

I picked this one up at the Goodwill a few years ago figuring it was going to be similar to the Betty Crocker.

I love how the book markets recipes to different age groups. Like Teens. Teens love these cookies. They love no other. You want your kids to stick around the house? Bake them these.

Kids on the other hand, like wierd cookie faces on sticks. They like to feed them to giant bunny pinatas at tea parties. I'm not sure if this is an Easter thing, or an Alice In Wonderland thing. Whatever it is, it's freakin creepy.

More to come later in the week. I'm saving the best for last!


  1. I love vintage cookbooks. They're pretty affordable and they're such a unique glimpse into the past! I've got the Cookies and Candies book too!

  2. Yikes...I just realized that my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that my mom gave me in the mid-60s could officially be considered "vintage." You have a great collection!

  3. I am never on you actual blog cause i always read it in email form, so I made a sorted effort to actually visit today. That Cookies and Candies book is something I remember from my childhood, I think it was my grandma Cooper's. Loving the Vintage Cookbooks, keep em' coming

  4. All that food dye must have caused hallucinations - that bunny pic scares me. Great selection of books.

  5. I love old cookbooks, the food always sounds so hearty and the photos look so real, like food our mums would have cooked!