Saturday, April 30, 2011

ReSelling: April Update/May Goals

It's time for our monthly ReSelling Update hosted by: Apron Thrift Girl. If you want some moral support in your ReSelling adventures, check out her blog.

Completed April Goals:

Inventory: I have a system in place, now I need to get caught up.
Legal business is done. I am registered in CT as a Sole Proprietor!
I am checking in on my consignments and dropping off more items on May 1!
I finished the pillows made of recycled wool I intend to sell on Etsy!

April Leftovers:

eBay listings: I didn't get nearly as far as I had hoped, but I have all my genreral copy written and am in the process of compareing Inkfrog and Auctiva. (Which is not Activia-that's a whole different thing.) I also need to check out selling on Amazon as I think that may be a better  process for bookselling.
Inventory: I now have a system and I just need to sit down, use it, and get caught up.
Craft Projects: I still have the 2nd Etsy project I need to finish.

Summer Goals:

Life in Ivy League academia is great. I have job security, free healthcare, a semi-flexible schedule, and amazing co-workers. What I don't have, is a year round job. I'm lucky and I have two summer jobs I have been workingfor the last several years. Job #1 pays well and is not so fun. Job #2 is very fun, but the pay is not great. Between the two and savings, I do OK. What I'd really like to do is use ReSelling to supplement my  lost income. I want to be making the same amount of money each month I make at my regular job.
 I sat down with the calculator and figured out two numbers for each month. The amount I need to live and the amount I want to make. As long as the number I make ReSelling falls between the two I will consider the monthly monetary goal accomplished. (I'm not going to name specific numbers, because salaries in my world are a touchy subject.)

Specific May Goals:

Get caught up on inventory.
Finish my Etsy craft project from April. Continue with creating more pillows and quilts.
Continue with Ebay/Amazon listings.
Open my Etsy shop, list pillows and small easy to ship merchandise.
Consignments-check in at the end of the month and drop off 10-15 new items.
Revamp my workspace. It's hit a place of stagnancy and I need to change it up!
Not get bogged down in "my process." I'm a girl who likes to take time to save time. (Like basting in a zipper, otherwise I'm re-sewing it like, three times.) However I have a tendancy to over-do it and I should just jump in and let things be a messy pain in my ass sometimes. (Perfectionist, much?)

Fortunately, I will be between said jobs for most of May so progress Will Be Made! I am also taking a long weekend trip to Boston with the Vinyl Whores to recharge. Does any one have any thrifting recommendations for the Boston/Cape Cod area?


  1. I think you also need to make a goal to get the better paying job to be more fun. Challenge yourself every week to remember the best thing about that week. (Paycheck does not qualify.)
    As for the reselling part it sounds as if you have things well in hand. Take the next step and know your blog friends are all wishing the best for you.

  2. Dogsmom, thank you for your words of support! There are good parts to Job #1. The majority of it is feeding the work crews, which is incredibly satisfying. I'm also hoping to add my vintage vibe to serving the meals this year. Vintage aprons. perhaps? Remembering the weekly good things is a great idea and I will make a point to do it.
    It also helps that I am only a block away from the English Market and this new Flea Market situation. So I can go get a Vintage dose when things get too crazy on the weekends.