Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thats Vera Neumann (Not Wang) To You

I'll admit I'd never even heard of Vera Neumann until I started looking in earnest at vintage textiles last year. After my first few Wert discoveries I found this Vera napkin at Savers for a couple bucks. I was intrigued by the bold lines and colors and it was cheap. So I brought it home and promptly looked up this Vera on the interwebs.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her work was amazing. I  started picking up others to ReSell or craft with. And of course, there are always things you need to keep for yourself. Like this stunner of a scarf. It was $2 at Savers and is very well used. It's not falling apart or anything, but can you blame someone for wearing this thin?  I wore it as a head band last month and got several compliments. 

I bought Vera, The Art and Life of an Icon on Amazon for research. It is a stunning coffee table book of her work and her life as an artist. It traces her journey from silk screening placemats in her dining room to becoming a household name in fashion and housewares. (Then those other Vera's, Bradley and Wang, came along and stole her thunder.) Personally, I am drawn to her abstract work more than the florals or the butterflies. Though I do like the vegetable napkins I found at Helping Hands. Part of me wants to sell them, and part of me wants to keep them forever!

My dream Vera items? These 1964 World's Fair scarves.

The chances of finding them are slim. But I can hope, and in the mean time I'll take whatever I can get at the thrifts. Especially the long skinny scarves I can wear in my hair.  For more information on new Vera to purchase, check out The Vera Company Blog.  Today they posted an umbrella you can buy at The Met Store.   (Which I want! is on the way!)

New Vera is also available at The Vera Company website, and they have links to online and local retailers in your area.


  1. Still laughing at "Which I want" somehow becoming "Which is on the way." You're my kind of woman! Never put off till tomorrow that which can be purchased today.

  2. Well, my Marimekko umbrella is being fussy and I realized this is the kind of thing that could sell out in NY quickly. I have learned my lesson from the Target/Liberty of London business. They sold out online and in the North East stores in about a week. So yes, don't put it off or you may not be able to purchase it tomorrow!

  3. Hey Girl! Thanks for the great post on Vera!
    Chelsea (The Vera Company)

  4. Chelsea, thanks for the compliment and the cross post! I can't wait to get my new umbrella. It's important to have one that is bright and colorful to combat the gloom.

  5. Monogirl-

    so glad you discovered Vera! Here at C. R. Gibson we recently contracted some of Vera's beautiful art for a line of stationery and journals - you can see them here: I personally love the Tulips & Daisies design. How can something so retro look so fresh and current?

  6. Just found one of the scarves on!!

  7. nrachuba-thanks for the tip! That's a different one than is published in the book, too.