Monday, April 11, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Cookin' and Knittin' Books

Happy Thrift Share Monday Everyone!  The thrifts have been good to me lately in regards to books. Books are such a hard item for me to resist. I love reading and have always surrounded myself with books no matter where I've lived. I got some good ones this week at the Milford Goodwill to add to my  giant collection.

First is not your ordinary knitting book. No patterns, just the history of the craft. More specifically, The Social History of American Knitting. (That's what the glare-y part says.) I'm excited to own it and never thought I would find it used in a million years.

There was a good amount of vintage cookbooks during this visit. I weeded through and found a few choice ones. Some were really fabulous, but they were also in no fit shape. Which is good, you should use a cookbook. Here are the picks of the litter, all of them were $1 each.

Hershey's 1934 Cookbook is a reprint from the (70's) but still pretty cool.

I love the Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar. It's kind of like a date book with helpful hints, menus,  and recipes. Definitely a keeper.

 FYI April's Red Letter foods are carrots and pineapple!

 Mmmm... fried liver and onions for your spring Continental Luncheon. No Thanks.

Campbell's cooking with Soup is um...novel. Don't get me wrong, soup is great. I have been known to live off of it.  But it's not for everything. Like salad dressing. Or Turkey Shortcakes?

Now Swedish meatballs and meatloaf make more sense.

The Cast Iron Cookbook is an odd sized paperback for a cook book, but look at those graphics! And I cook with a cast iron skillet all the time.

 Even the interior illustrations are super funky.

 Dan's favorite: Salt Pork.

Our final gem is this First Edition Fannie Farmer Junior Cook Book. It's in really great shape, even if it's sans dust jacket. I'm thinking I can get a good price on eBay for this.

I love these two color graphics...

...and sweet endpapers.

I'm linking up with Thrift Share Monday over at ATG. Have you noticed how big it's getting? It's great to see all the new folks with their thrifty finds. Jump on over and check it out!

*And if anyone is interested I have a Pyrex #441 Cinderella Bowl in the Early American pattern that I am looking to trade.


  1. I'm a book lover too. You made some wonderful finds.

  2. Some great cookery books there - I just love some of the ideas for great cuisine from decades past and I wonder if our favoured recipes will be smirked at in the same way in 40!

  3. oh i love knitting. that book! i'm just dying to have a little peek inside. and aren't the illustrations in those old cook books fabulous? such style!

    i'm visiting from atg. thanks for sharing your finds..


  4. love the cook books! the graphics are worth keeping them for even if you never plan to cook with them. i need to get me a dutch oven.

  5. I'm a cookbook junkie. The funny part is that I rarely cook. However, I wouldn't give up my cherished cast iron skillets given to me by my grandmother. She cooked in them for 70+ years. Yes, they are seasoned for sure.