Monday, April 25, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

With it being Easter and all, I was lucky I managed to get to the Stop and Shop before it closed. Forget thrifting! With gas being $4+ a gallon, I'm not particularly keen to drive anywhere anyway. I've been spending all the time between work and my monthly ReSelling challenge re-watching episodes of Sex and the City. All the SATC seasons were $10 each at Target last week so I picked up the seasons I didn't have already. Inspired by Carrie's fabulous wardrobe, let me share with you the fabulous vintage skirts I picked up a couple weeks ago at an Estate Sale for $4 each.

All of them appear to be home made creations. Most of them appear to have been taken in and out over time and have whack-a-doo closure situations. But the fabrics are to die for. I love the abstract print on this one.

This is one of those classic classical inspired Mid-Century prints, I wish this one fit me.

This one is an odd length, but it has a super huge mega hem.

This print on this yellow skirt is really sweet.

It's lady like to carry a handkerchief in your stylish hand bag. If you don't have allergies or sinus problems. But let's face it, I am more Liz Lemon than Carrie Bradshaw and I need to haul around like, eight Kleenex purse packs. However, if hankies were my thing I'd favor the printed kind. Like these beauties.

I got the Faith Austin citrus print for $1 at Savers:

The Tammis Keefe hankie I found on the floor at an Estate Sale, I think I paid $1.

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  1. Admitting you're more like Liz Lemon is the first step ;)

  2. Eeek...I'm so old that I remember carrying a pretty hanky in my purse to church every Sunday. Now I'm such a heathen I don't even go to church, much less carry a hanky...LOL

  3. I'm a heathen too. ;) I was really irritated that most things were closed yesterday, though it's probably good that it forced me to spend time at home.

  4. Love the skirt collection - just fabulous!

  5. I love that last hankerchief! I wish I could get into the habit of carrying them--they're such a glamorous replacement for Kleenex!