Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Tray Update

Nerds, it has been soooo long since we've had a Thursday Tray Update! I finally found some trays out at the thrifts.  I found an honest to goodness hand painted Nashco tray at Savers for $2.99. 

It's in rough shape.

Here you can see where someone tried to repair the damage.

Other than that badly done reapir, the hand painted florals are still in good shape.

But it might be at the point where "rough shape" is surpassed by "chippy chic."  When does an object achieve that anyway?

As for State trays, I now have Georgia. It was waiting for me at Helping Hands for $.99. 

I plan to make some time this weekend to put up some more trays in the kitchen. I will need to continue around to the wall with the windows. Creating a valance of sorts made of trays. 

I'm going to have to expand to another room. Maybe the bathroom? Crazy as that sounds, I at least have available wall space in there and the ones in good shape would do well in the moisture. 


  1. I have had Georgia on my mind....

  2. Nashco trays have such beautiful handpainting. I'm glad you saved this one from further abuse!

  3. Cool trays! I love the little section of violets that you highlighted. So pretty!

  4. The Nashco tray is beautiful and I say display it proudly. I thought of you last week when I spotted 2 trays at one of my local thrift stores. I would have gladly bought and sent them to you but didn't know if you already had them. One was Indiana (where I live) and I don't remember the other.

  5. gorgeous! so you collect other trays than just states? :) i'm finding that i have a small collection of late 60's psychedelic printed ones... they're an inadvertant collection. do you have Illinois or Indiana? I have one or the other at home if you need it. :)

  6. Another of my favorite items to collect! I love to find old metal trays that are hand painted (I had one for sale recently like the one in your post, apparently popular as it sold). I started making tables out of the ones I can't seem to part with - two are outside on my patio as tabletops on 3' upside-down metal/mesh/wire containers of some sort that I found curbside. They turned out great, so now I have a stash of metal trays to be used to make tables...always good to come up with a 'legitimate' reason to start another collection :)

  7. Kiki-that sounds like a great way to repurpose metal trays. I have some ideas about repainting the crappiest ones in an ironic fashion similar to BeatUpCreations on Etsy. I just need more time in my day!