Friday, April 1, 2011

Trade Me Up-date

Life is still crazy here at casa Vintage Spinster.  Thank goodness for the Trade Me Up project, it's the only thing making me feel like anything is getting accomplished in my life. On Tuesday, after an early morning of Romeo and Juliet and 650 screaming teenagers, I headed down the street to The English Markets to trade the Vera scarf with Carol.

I'm working on (seriously thinking about) another of my ever rotating craft projects and needed some doilies and vintage trim. I also picked up some zippers to use for the felted Pendleton pillows, similar to the quilt I made a few months ago. Thanks to Carol for trading me this fab little stash.

I have been extremely frustrated with the whole Romeo & Juliet situation for the past few weeks. I usually have quite a bit of time during my off hours and in between cues to get things in life accomplished. This whole month has been long hours full of things to do, costumes getting destroyed every show, extra shows in the schedule, and 8am call times for student matinees.  All adding up to me being fairly exhausted and feeling totally behind on everything.  And it just won't stop. We close in two days and I had to spend all my time between cues yesterday building  2 backup wedding veils because Juliet's can't seem to make it offstage in one piece anymore. (It's not Juliet's fault, at this point-spoiler alert!-she's faking dead.) It has been an extreme (and rare) situation, and the light at the end of the tunnel is we close on Saturday, the next show is not 3 hours long and has only four people. (As opposed to the R&J cast of 22.) So things should get back to normal.  More thrifting, more reselling, more crafting, more blog posts.

I had lofty goals for this month, and it's been liberating to just let them go.  What I was able to accomplish was to take photos of the things I want to sell on eBay, I began an inventory system, and I dropped off 10 items to consign at The English Markets when I was there to trade. Here's a little taste...

Metal hanging candle holder.
Mr Bartender set in box.
60's folk print tablecloth.
No, it's not a Wert, it's just Wertesque.
Mardi gras glasses.
Vintage printed glasses by Starglaze
NuStone tea service.
Carol was really excited by everything I brought, it was good to see our tastes are very similar. I clean and bring the items, and she takes care of all the pricing and display. The split is 50/50. I think this is a fine arrangement for me to test the Reselling waters with. I like the idea of selling on eBay and Etsy, but shipping breakables stresses me out to no end so I'm just going to stick to books, textiles and clothes for the online venues. I need to sit down and figure out my goals for next month, but that will have to wait until this show is over! I'll be participating in the ReSeller's challenge over at Apron Thrift Girl. Here's to April being a productive and warmer month.

P.S. Nerds: the Infinite Variety Quilt Show App is now up and running on iTunes and Android. It's free! There is also talk of a fully illustrated catalogue, I will let you all know as soon as I hear about it's availability. I'm so glad the response has been so good for them to make the show more available to everyone!

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  1. Love the Starglaze glasses and the NuStone tea set! Very nice!